10 Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics Known to Mankind



Antibiotics have saved countless lives, by converting severe, life-threatening infections into temporary ones. However, the common practice of prescribing them have forced microorganisms to adapt to the techniques.

Therefore, we are currently facing an even bigger problem — superbugs. These superbugs are resistant to antibiotics and do not respond to those therapies, as they have developed stronger fighting back mechanisms.

Hence, there is a huge need for serious measures to solve this problem with the antibiotic resistance in order to be able to fight pathological microorganisms.

Because of all of this, many people started using natural antibiotics as a way of preventing the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bugs and for treating mild infections.

Firstly, the reason why pharmacists don’t prescribe antibiotics for a viral infection or flu is because antibiotics fight fungi, bacteria, and some parasites, but they don’t fight viruses. Secondly, natural antibiotics are not able to destroy viruses. Viruses are divided into 2 groups: antifungal and antibacterials, whereas the medicinal antibiotics are developed for both types.

However, natural antibiotics can just assist your therapy. They cannot be used instead of professional medical treatment and diagnosis. In case you suffer from a particular health condition, you have to consult with your doctor concerning what kind of natural antibiotic would be best for you to use.

The following list contains the most potent natural antibacterials, which can be used against wound infections, strep throat, ear infections, E. Coli or Salmonella, and H. pylori.

Raw Honey
Horseradish root
Apple Cider Vinegar
Onion extract
Habanero Peppers
Oregano Essential Oil
Ginger extract
Turmeric Garlic extract
On the other hand, these are the most powerful natural antifungals, which can help you in the prevention and treatment of skin rashes, yeast infections, Candida Albicans overgrowth, and athlete’s foot.

– Raw honey extract
– Ginger extract
– Turmeric
– Echinacea root extract
– Apple Cider Vinegar

You can find these antibiotics in a tincture form or in a supplement. Your doctor should give you an advice on the proper dose. You may consume these foods on a daily basis if you want to prevent the above-listed health issues.

h/t: naturalhealthyworld.com; www.healthyfoodhouse.com


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