12 Impressive Ideas To Stay Warm In Cold Weather And Reduce Bills

We strongly recommend you to try these clever winter hacks and easy DIYs that are cost-effective and practical, and when combined in tandem, will assure you having a nice and cozy place to live in this winter.

1. Put Socks on the Toilet Seat

If you hate the feeling of an icy cold toilet seat on your warm buns you should fit an old pair of tube socks along the seat. Make sure you replace them with a clean pair regularly.

Have a full toilet seat? Cut up some old t-shirts, towels, sheets, or any other fabric like so.

2. Stick a Hot Water Bottle in the Bed

Slipping into ice-cold sheets on a wintery night can be tortuous, but you can use a hot water bottle to warm up the bed. In a pinch, you can DIY it by zapping wet dishtowels in the microwave; once they are steaming, use tongs to place them in a zippered baggie.

3. Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan turned counter-clockwise significantly improves your quality of life during the summer months, but in the winter it is required to switch directions and have it spinning clockwise. Make sure you keep it a low speed to pull cool air up and push the warm air down.

4. Free Solar Heating

As long as the sun is out you can receive some free solar heat even on the chilliest days. Keep the drapes open during the daylight hours on your east, west, and south-facing windows – but be sure to close those curtains once the sun sets to keep that free heat indoors.

5. Close Off Unused Spaces

If you don’t spend quality time in certain rooms in your home (a basement, spare room, or home office comes to mind), you can save money on heating costs by closing off the room. Depending on the heating system, you can switch off electric heating completely or close up the vents if you have forced air. Close the curtains the keep the door shut until spring.

6. Make a Radiator Heat Reflector

Sliding a heat-resistant reflector between the unit and the wall is an economical project that requires a length of corrugated cardboard covered with a reflective material like an emergency blanket or horticultural film, which will redirect the heat away from the wall and into the room. If the room is warm enough, you won’t have to maintain the temperature.

7. Make Some Thermal Curtains

Making some thermal curtains is far more economical rather than replacing poorly insulated windows. To make the drapes easier on the eyes, opt for a pretty fabric to sew over the filler and add a large dowel at the bottom to ensure it can be rolled up with ease.

8. Sneak an Extra Blanket Under Your Bed Sheet

This simple trick requires placing a wool blanket on the mattress before adding the fitted bottom sheet. Wool is really the best material use as it has air gaps between the fibers which traps body heat and prevents it from dissipating into the surrounding cooler air.

9. Leave the Oven Door Ajar

Winter time is the ideal time to use the oven to bake up an array of comfort foods and treats. Once you’re finished baking and when you turned off, you can leave the door slightly ajar to enable the residual heat to float into your kitchen and the rest of your home.

10. Don’t Drain the Bath Water Right Away

The levels of humidity inside the home determine how much heat the air can hold. After taking a soak in the tub, don’t pull the plug immediately. Rather than flushing the still-warm water down the drain, allow it to be until it’s cool and add a few (free) degrees of warmth to your home.

11. Shower with the Door Open

If you take shower often, leave the door open to let the warmth and humidity to circulate beyond the bathroom itself.

12. Air Dry Your Laundry

Hang your clothing to dry indoors in order to increase humidity without a humidifier. It will boost humidity levels, but it will also save you on the costs of running the dryer.

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