13 Foods You Can Eat And Not Worry About Gaining Weight

The best foods to eat if you are constantly struggling to lose weight are those containing less calories, rich in fiber and nutrients that will make you full without the unnecessary calories.

In this article we are offering you a list of 13 foods you can eat without being worried that you will gain weight. Additionally, you should also follow a healthy diet plan if you are trying to lose weight.

1. Eggs
Eggs are healthy and strongly recommended to eat, but only boiled, not fried.

2. Salad
Salad is a perfect choice for a good snack. For example, one lettuce leaf has only 3 calories.

3. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage
Despite being low in calories cauliflower and diced cabbage should be eaten a few times a week because they can disrupt the iodine levels.

4. Berries
Currant and cranberries are abundant in vitamin C, strawberries are beneficial for healthy heart and aid digestion, and currant also prevents edema and acts like a diuretic.

5. Apple and plum
100 grams of apple contain 50 calories and 100 grams of plums only 45. Plums promote healthy cardiovascular system due to their rich potassium and vitamin C content, while apples aid digestion.

6. Pineapple
Pineapple are great for losing weight because they are contain high amounts of bromelain, a compound essential for fat burning.

7. Zucchini
Zucchinis normalize the water-salt ratio in the body, and also reduce the energy after a heavy meal and are beneficial for intestinal health. The average serving of zucchini contains only 42 calories.

8. Beet
Beets are extremely effective in blood sugar levels regulation, strengthening the muscles and also promoting fat burning. One piece of beet contains about 40 calories.

9. Cucumbers
Cucumbers keeps you hydrated because they are made of more than 90% water. They also prevent swelling and are promote healthy body weight.

10. Orange, tangerine and grapefruit
There are certain fruits that aren’t recommended to be eaten in large quantities, but this isn’t the case with the orange, tangerine and grapefruit. Citrus fruits aid digestion, improve liver function and promote satiety because of the high content of fiber, flavonoids and vitamin C.

11. Popcorn
An average serving of plain popcorn contains only 31 calories, so you can eat them as much as you want to, but make sure you don’t add sugar or butter.

12. Eggplant
Eating grilled eggplant without oil provides only 24 calories.

13. Celery
Celery stems are perfect for weight loss and work like a diuretic because they are made of 95% water.