14 Ways You Can Cleanse Your Body Without Feeling Hungry

When it comes to improving your overall health it is strongly recommended to cleanse your body in a painless way on a daily basis by using body detox programs that do not include starvation or painful symptoms and are incredible beneficial.

Here are 14 pain-free and simple ways to help cleanse your body:

1. Avoid eating immediately after waking up
The three natural cycles your body goes through during the day are: Elimination, Appropriation, and Assimilation. The morning is the elimination stage which includes elimination of the toxins and waste.
Eating immediately after waking up may be counterproductive, so you should provide your body with the nutrients it needs by drinking a glass of water, lemon water, green juice, or a smoothie.

2. Water
Drinking water is crucial for every single cell, system and organ in the body. it maintains proper lymphatic function by eliminating all the waste and toxins.
Start the day with a glass of lemon water in which you can add some baking soda to alkalize and detoxify the body and fight bacteria, fungi, and cancer.

3. Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen therapy includes deep breathing exercises to provide your with energy and stimulate the cellular function. Breathing in increased amounts of oxygen calms the heart rate, clears the mind, and detoxifies the system.

4. Vitamin D Therapy
Most people are lacking Vitamin D and therefore are more prone to various health issues. Therefore, make sure you enjoy the sun outdoors, as this vitamin boosts your our overall health. In addition to this, to optimize its levels, you can take daily supplementation, and use vitamin D “lamps,” or UVB tanning beds.

5. Stretching
Practicing stretching is extremely beneficial since it eases out the tensed muscles, improves the functions of the body, rejuvenate the body and cleanse it through the slow and gentle movements, which boost circulation and help detoxification.

6. Infrared Heating Therapy
Infrared heating therapy strengthens the immune system and stimulates circulation by increasing the temperature and getting rid of 17% of the toxins in the body through sweat, in comparison to the 3% in a traditional sauna or out in the sun.

7. Juicing with dandelion greens
Juicing with dandelion greens is very beneficial as it provide plenty of nutrients to your body and eliminate toxins thanks to dandelions’ powerful natural diuretic properties and anti-inflammatory properties, which help improve the kidney function and cleanse the liver.

8. Pet Therapy
Having a pet guarantees you having a best companion as their company helps eliminate stress and emotionally heals the body. They are energy-sensitive so they can feel when you are anxious or depressed, and treat fatigue, calm the mind, and lower heart rates.

9. Hydrotherapy
To boost your blood circulation and the lymphatic flow, improve your metabolism and reinforce the immune system try hydrotherapy which includes altering between hot and cold water showering.

10. Steam Therapy
Steam therapy helps treating clogged sinuses by eliminating waste through breathing.
Use humidifiers, or just inhale the steam from a hot shower. The easiest way is to boil some water, pour it into a bowl, and start inhaling the steam, while covered with a towel over the head. Repeat twice daily for a fast relief.

11. Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy has positive effects for our mental, emotional, and physical health. It poses potent cleansing, rejuvenating, and healing properties. Try rubbing peppermint oil in the hands and cup them around the face to breathe deeply so you can concentrate and remain alert.

12. Herbs
The best natural remedies and body cleansers offering amazing effects include milk thistle, turmeric, garlic, borotutu bark, and peppermint.

13. Foot Massage
Our feet are the fastest receptors to energy and nutrients from lotions and oils we use, which makes them a location for accumulating toxins. Foot massage at bedtime, using some soothing lotion or oil will help you release toxins and relax.

14. Workout (qi gong)
According to the traditional Chinese medicine, certain body postures, mental focus, and breathing techniques, can cleanse the body and boost the energy levels.
Qi is actually the life force and vital energy, gong represents accomplishment or skill, and Qi Gong means Cultivating energy, which helps you in relieving anxiety and finding your inner peace. Practice Qi Gong on a daily basis for 10 minutes to stimulate your mental performance and productivity.

Enjoy the incredible benefits from your body detoxification and boosts its functions without starvation and in a painless way.

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