3 Essential Oils to Use If You Suffer From Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

SAD is  a temporary depression caused by the change of seasons and the lack of sunlight that ushers us into winter. For some, antidepressants may be the answer. But what about the power of essential oils?

Essential Oils

These three oils in particular have been shown to positively impact mood:


Bergamot is an uncommon citrus fruit that looks like a lime but it’s about the size of an orange. It has a fresh, citrus smell that’s slightly floral and sweet. Citrus smells are known for their powerful mood-lifting properties. But bergamot essential oil has proven to be particularly powerful in allaying anxiety and boosting mood. One study on rats compared bergamot essential oil to diazepam (an anxiety medication). As expected, diazepam worked to reduce anxiety in rats but so did bergamot oil.


Depression, even if only seasonal, often comes with fatigue alongside sadness. Lemon essential oil has the power to energize you while lifting your spirits. One study reported that lemon oil suppresses certain chemicals in the brain which leads to an antidepressant and anxiolytic effect. Which means lemon can break you out of a depressed or anxious cycle.

Essential oil


Jasmine is a beautiful scent that brings forth images of a warm, breezy spring or summer night. This fragrant flower has long been used in Thailand in aromatherapy but was only recently studied for its effects on mood. Researchers studied the impact of jasmine on the central nervous system. The study suggests that jasmine has the power to not only promote feelings of well-being but also increase energy. Jasmine’s stimulatory effect keeps drowsiness at bay, which can be a problem during the cold, dreary months of winter.

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