3 Ways To Remove Sweat Stains From Clothes

Do you know how to get sweat stains out of clothes?

Sweat stains appear due to a reaction between the anti-perspirants and the salts present in sweat.
These stains usually appear in the day, but some people who sweat a lot at night also leave stains on their pyjamas and bed sheets.

These stains can seem troublesome, but the good news is that learning how to remove sweat stains is actually very quick and easy, no matter what sort of fabric you’re dealing with.

Although there are chemical products available on the market to remove sweat stains from clothing, specific to each fabric, natural products are the best option.

By not using chemicals, they don’t cause any skin problems, nor allergies or other unpleasant reactions.

Stopping using chemical products both on your clothes and on your armpits will be very beneficial for your health. Also, the sweat stains on your clothes will disappear completely!

Remember: when tackling sweat stains, always read the garment care label carefully and test your chosen stain removal method on a small area first.

Here’s 3 tips for getting rid of those embarrassing sweat stains:

Vinegar + Water
Vinegar is a household item that can be used safely on whites and colors. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar with half a cup of water to clean those nasty stains from your clothes. Let the fabric sit for 20-30 minutes in the solution before putting in the washing machine on a cool water cycle.

Use Cold Water
The number one simplest solution in removing sweat stains is cold water. Once you’ve noticed the stain on your shirt, quickly run it through cold water while rubbing the fabric together, removing as much as the stain as possible. The cold water washes away the acidity from the antiperspirant and keeps your shirts stain free. Running cold water on your shirts before you even notice a stain is a good preventative measure and will save you from more aggressive measures later. Here’s another piece of news: putting your stained shirts through the washer and dryer cycle can actually “set” the stain and make it even harder to remove. Use cold water first, then wash your shirts with like colors.

Here’s another easy home remedy that can get rid of sweaty stains. All you have to do is make a paste with a couple of ground aspirin and a small bit of water. Rub the paste into your armpit stains and let sit for an hour or so. Before putting in the wash, make sure you have rinsed out the paste completely with cold water.

Advice for avoiding sweat stains on clothing:

– It is important to choose the right kind of fabric depending on the temperature. Cotton is the best option for hot days, as well as wearing loose and sleeveless garments to avoid permanent wetness in the area.
– We should check which deodorant we use. Some contain aluminium which, when it comes into contact with sweat, forms yellow stains that are very hard to remove.
– Choosing transparent, neutral deodorant is highly advisable, and is also better for the skin.
– Deodorants with fragrance generally contain a base of aldehyde or ketone, chemicals which can react with other components and create yellow stains that are hard to remove.

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