4 Body Parts You Should Massage


Full body massage is a relaxing therapy combined with a therapeutic that keep your body young and healthy.

By coordinating hands and legs in a harmonious way will direct on your body parts such as muscle, joint, dangerous spot in the human body (according to Chinese acupuncture),… full body massage helps you have a strong and flexible body, a cheery mind as well.

When you think massage, the same muscles usually come to mind: the back, the shoulders, the neck; for athletes, the legs. It makes sense. These areas are tension hotspots — and locations where many of us hold our stress. But they’re not the only areas harboring tightness. Here, top experts share which body parts are craving release — plus, how to massage these oft-ignored muscles yourself.

1. The top of your head

More than half the people working today claim to be very tired when the workday ends.

A massage on the head (more specifically, the crown of the head) produces a pleasant sensation because it relaxes the muscles of your skull while activating your circulation.

2. The fingertips

People don’t typically massage their fingers unless they’re in pain. This is a huge mistake! While the fingertips are the toughest parts of your body, they’re also very sensitive and need attention and care.

They are filled with nerve endings that can be relaxed using pressure techniques. It’s ideal for people who spend their days typing.

3.The ear

There is nothing like an ear massage to produce that desired state of relaxation. Did you know that one of the main causes of stress is the noise heard every day in a big city?

Horns, shouts, and loud music provoke additional fatigue and anxiety problems.

Instead, silence calms the mind, helps you avoid negative thoughts, and reduces your brain’s energy expenditures. This makes it easier to sleep at night and focus on the good things.

This massage should be performed behind the ears, using circular movements and moving clockwise to the earlobe.

4.The buttocks

This is one of the most neglected areas, as most massages stop at the thighs. Not only is it pleasurable, it can also help avoid the discomfort of sitting for long hours.

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