5 Habits That Help Increase Focus and Eliminate Distractions

 Here are five simple ways to increase focus and overcome distraction.


Turn off notifications

If you’re trying to minimize distraction and stay focused, you don’t notifications chiming in every few seconds.  Instead of getting thrown off track by every interaction, silence notifications and stay up to date during scheduled breaks to help protect your focus.

Work in time blocks

Marathon working sessions can be daunting, and can leave you looking for distraction to take your mind off the tasks at hand, instead, try time-blocking. time blocking. Set a timer for 25-50 minutes of focused work followed by a short break. Working in smaller blocks of time helps you stay focused and is less intimidating than trying to tackle everything at once.

Keep your phone out of arm’s reach

Having your phone within sight can encourage you to pick it up and start scrolling unnecessarily. Keep your phone in another room or far enough away that you would have to get up to go get it. Out of sight, out of mind.

Clear your space

There are few things more distracting than clutter. Before sitting down to focus, make a conscious effort to clear your workspace so you aren’t distracted by odds and ends laying around.

Work offline

Have some tasks to work on that don’t require being online? Go internet-free while you complete them. Go offline to tackle tasks like writing or making to-do lists. Staying focused is much easier when you aren’t tempted to open tabs and start browsing.

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