5 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Eyes

One interesting fact about eye color is that genetics and the amount of melatonin determine what color our eyes will be.

We all know the famous proverb: „Eyes are a window to the soul“. Therefore, you should know the most amazing facts about your eyes and how they work, what it means if your eyes are a certain color, and other aspects that you didn’t but you should know.

Apart from emotions, moods and other things, our eyes interpret many aspects of our body.

The eyes are organs in the body that are more compound than the brain, has astonishing characteristics, and can do amazing things. Eyes are multipart organs so it is important to take a good care of them. According some scientists, eyes are considered a surprise of nature.

What can you do with your eyes?
• Sense visual images
• Convey mood
• Regulate light in what you see
• Exercise ocular muscles with movement

5 things that you didn’t know about your eyes

1. Seeing inside
Eyes are physiological features that form a part of our facial characteristics, and also enable us to see outside objects by reflecting their images through the retina.
However, their major function includes many other aspects such as reflecting the moods of every person as they show happiness, sadness to melancholy with precision.

2. Just like cameras, eyes are measured in megapixels
Your eye is a scientific wonder and functions like a camera, but much more intricate. We all know that megapixels are ultimate measure of a camera and TV, but have ever wonder what do eyes have that allow them to see something so clearly and in best quality.
It turns out that the human eye has 576 megapixels.
They’re a system so distinct that they go beyond any kind of current image technology and they offer the best view, particularly in the cases of people who don’t have any defects that change clarity.

3. Eyes can be a variety of colors
The iris has an effect on your eye color, and it’s a well-known fact that irises don’t appear in just one color. According to heredity and genetic conditions, one person can have a wide variety of tones.
Melanin is a certain natural pigment that determines the color of the iris, but also for the color of our skin and hair.
The amount of the pigment melanin determines what color of your eyes will be. The more pigment you have, the darker your eyes will be. People with blue, grey, and green eyes have less melanin in the iris.

4. Sign of alcoholism
Although it might sound bizarre, the tone of your eyes can be an indication of your alcohol habit.

5. Your pupil dilates and constrict
Another interesting fact related to your eyes is that with a simple flash of light, you can see how your pupil dilates and constricts constantly.
If you bring a strong light closer to your eye, the immediate reaction of the pupil is to constrict. It will cause an opposite reaction when the light is taken away.
Experiencing the huge quantity of light and lighting that is surrounding us, our eyes reacts differently to light in order to adjust themselves to any kind of surrounding without affecting our vision or altering the way we see things.

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