5 Plants to Cool Your House Naturally without an Air Conditioner


Did you know that you can   bring certain plants into your house to help keep your home cool without spending electricity?

They also brighten up your room and help purify the air you breathe.

5 Plants to Keep Your Home Cool and Clean the Air You Breathe

1. Aloe Vera

This plant is famous for its many healing properties. But, it can also help keep your room temperature cool during the hot summer’s days and nights.

What’s more, Aloe Vera will help remove the toxins from the air you breathe like formaldehyde.

2. Areca Palm Tree

Areca Palm tree provides humidifying effects and help clean the air from toxins and carbon dioxide.

But, when choosing your Areca Palm tree, make sure It has a thicker trunk as these ones are easier to maintain.

3. Snake Plant

There’s a chance you know this plant as mother-in-low’s tongue. The best part about keeping a snake pant in your house is that you will have a cool sleeping atmosphere and plenty of oxygen to breathe.


4. Boston Fern

This plant will give your home a decorative touch for sure. But, that’s not the only benefit from keeping a Boston Fern in your room.

It acts as a powerful air purifier and humidifier. It’s especially recommended if you have problems with formaldehyde.

5. Ficus Tree

Keeping a weeping fig, or ficus tree, in your house means more oxygen and fewer toxins in the air. It’s easy to maintain as it needs only a good spot that receives plenty of sunlight.

Besides being excellent choices for those living in warm and humid areas, these plants are good for anyone because of the following benefits:

  • Boost mood
  • Help relieve stress, depression, and worry
  • Boost concentration
  • Improve the air quality


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