You should always  check in with your doctor if you suspect you need more potassium. Here are the biggest signs you’re running low:

You’re always tired

If you can’t seem to rest enough and your energy levels are low, you may be potassium deficient.


You have muscle weakness or cramping

Potassium plays a key role in smooth muscle contraction, both in the heart and across the entire body. So when levels are low, you might experience “aches and spasms” throughout the day or while exercising.


You have high blood pressure or palpitations

Without enough potassium, blood vessel walls can become constricted, which results in hypertension. Also watch out for heart palpitations; the heart muscle has more difficulty pumping when the sodium-potassium balance is out of whack.


You’re bloated all the time

When you’re low on potassium, your body struggles to regulate its sodium levels, and can cause salt-induced bloating.