5 Tips To Get Rid Of Leg Cramps

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night with pain and tension in your leg muscle, you know what it means to experience a leg cramp.

Leg cramps are contractions that occur involuntarily in the muscles of the calf, thigh or feet.
The cramps are sudden, painful, and can really throw off a workout (or your sleep).
In most cases, leg cramps are harmless, but they can be associated with certain conditions and medications.

Here are some tips to stop muscle cramps:

1. Drink water

You need to drink water to keep your body hydrated and stop muscle contraction. It will help the muscles to function normally. Often our brains confuse thirst with hunger when we are not properly hydrated.

2. Eat a banana

You can eat a banana to replenish the electrolyte in your body. Your body looses water and electrolyte when you sweat, so it is essential to put back the electrolyte as they play an important part in the normal functioning of the muscles.
If you experience side stitch, which is also a muscle cramp, eat a banana or drink some water. Banana is a good source of potassium.

3. Try dietary supplements

According to studies, consuming vitamin D, vitamin B, vitamin E, zinc and magnesium can lower the risk of cramps. Taking each of these alone can be difficult, but a good multivitamin should provide your daily requirements for each of these important vitamins.

4. Stretch your cramped muscles

Perform stretching exercise to relax your muscles and stop the cramp. Stretch your muscles and hold the stretch for sometime before you relax. You can also try massaging the cramped muscles.

5. Soak in hot water

You can apply hot pads or a wet cloth on the cramped muscles to get relief from the cramp. You can also take a hot shower.


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