5 Traits That Men Never Want To See In Their Future Wives

Being married is totally different from being in a relationship. It is a different ball game entirely and you would not expect to judge the two using the same criteria.

All women are beautiful and appealing; however, not all of these women are qualified enough to be married. Ask men.
As much as people think men do not have pay attention to certain things, they have standards with which they operate and have qualities they expect their future partners to possess.

They want a mature woman, they can build a life together with. Below are some of that character you might not know are turning men away from you.

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#1. Looking For Attention Little girls like to be in the spotlight. They will do anything to get any little bit of attention. But a real woman doesn’t need it. She is looking for respect. Also, men don’t want to notice you because of your clothes or hairdo. He wants to give you attention for the fact that you make him feel loved and needed.

#2. Party girl Men like funny and a little crazy girl. They can spend a nice evening with such, but he is looking for a woman who can keep herself in check and doesn’t let situations get out of control.

#3. Independence. It is awesome to have a good job and enough money for paying your dinner yourself. Men really respect and admire such women. But sometimes men want to take care of you. Let them do it.

#4. Social Networks. Girls often spend a lot of time in networks. They post selfies, chat or scroll through the timelines. It seems such girls like their phones more than boyfriends.

#5. How Do You Spend Your Free Time? While girls love watching a movie or gossiping with friends, a grown-up woman tries to improve herself. Read a new book, go to the gym or learn a new language. It will make you a more interesting companion and help to feel yourself better. It adds value to you and improves you overall. No man wants an empty headed beauty queen for a lifelong relationship.

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