5 Types Of Tummies And How To Eliminate Each Of Them

Many of us have a big tummy which seriously affects our self-confidence and self-esteem. We try different diets and exercise, and sometimes we lose a lot of pounds, but not the ugly tummy.

Sometimes the abdomen increases as a result of a general increase in body weight, sometimes as a result of eating of certain foods.

To remove your tummy with a minimum of effort, you should determine the cause of its appearance and neutralize it.

There are 5 common types of tummies:

Alcohol belly

Alcohol adds empty calories to your body, which means it simply adds up extra calories in your body without providing any nutrition. Alcoholic beverages prevent your body from digesting food properly. To fight this you will need to refrain from alcohol consumption and consume fibre rich foods. You will need to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to melt excess fats.

Bloated Belly

If you having troubles in your digestive tract and you feel bloated, then this too can be case of fats around your tummy. To combat this you will need to drink lots of water and consume probiotics. Go for regular walks everyday for 30 to 40 minutes and follow a healthy diet. Avoid white flour and switch to wheat flours.

Mommy belly

After giving birth to a child, your belly still contains fat. It is good to exercise and to massage the problematic area. Also, you should consult a doctor in this situation.

Stressed-Out Belly

Stress and poor sleeping affect our body very much and can lead to appearing of fat in the area of your stomach. Try to sleep at last eight hours a day and avoid unhealthy foods. Do not drink too much coffee.

Hormonal Belly

If you see sudden changes in your body and you find yourself gaining weight, then you must consult your gynaecologist to determine the cause of these changes. If you have gained weight due to hormones in your body, your gynaecologist will guide you on how you can reduce. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in diet and avoid eating unhealthy foods.

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