6 Amazing Benefits Of Napping

Have you ever wondered how does napping affect your organism? All the benefits of napping may come as a surprise to you and the best thing is that it really does not take much time.

Yes, you read well, and do not be surprised, because it is true, and we have some facts that will sure convince you. It is great to know that a simple and short nap can help you justify your actions, and there is no need to mention that you can nap anytime you can, right?

Now that you know how napping is beneficial in terms of your heart health, it is time to learn more about its other benefits. There are several of these, but as the title of our article suggests that we are going to discuss six benefits, we give you the remaining five. That is right, there are five more to cover and here they are:

Improved cognitive performance:

Increased alertness
Improved memory
Improved relaxation
Reduced stress

Does The Length Of A Nap Affect The Benefits?

Scientists could not decide over this. Even when you take a short 20 minute afternoon nap you can still enjoy all the benefits of napping which we already mentioned. However, the length of your afternoon nap still determines what sort of benefits you are likely to enjoy. Napping is divided into different categories:

20 Minute Nap

Short 20 minute naps, also referred to as ‘power naps,’ do enhance the memory, and they have a more dramatic effect on your mental alertness and motor learning skills.

20 To 30 Minute Nap

It is enough to enhance your creativity, and also boost your memory as well.

30 To 60 Minute Nap

This type has an amazingly beneficial impact on your decision making skills. It is enough to improve that part of your memory that is held as responsible for memorizing things such as the alphabet, directions and etc.

60 To 90 Minute Nap

By taking this type of you will sure get REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, which makes it the most beneficial of them all. Once you reach REM sleep, you have provided your brain the opportunity to resets itself.

Why Is Napping Sometimes A Bad Idea?

Yes, it is time for some disadvantages. For example, when some people take their afternoon nap, they risk their goodnight’s sleep and have problems falling asleep.

his can sometimes result in sleep deprivation. Others feel great when they wake up early in the morning after a good and long sleep, but whenever they take a short nap, they feel dazed and find it hard to concentrate on their activities. And last, it is the career issue, of course, if you live in a culture where napping at work is frowned upon.


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