6 Foods That Double As Sunscreen

6 Foods That Double As Sunscreen (Including Avocado!) Hero Image

Skin protection is important for anyone who spends time outside during the summer months. However, lathering up with layers of sunscreen can be quite annoying.

Sunblock keeps out harmful sun rays, and  it also keeps out vitamin D—a beneficial nutrient that can promote immunity and protect against injury. Plus, many chemical sunscreens are loaded with harmful ingredients.


The next time you head outside for the day, bring some of these skin-protecting snacks along:

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain lycopene—a phytochemical that has been shown to protect the skin against sunburn. Olive oil can also enhance the healing effects of this protein … bruschetta anyone?

2. Avocados

The healthy, protein-packed oils in avocados help protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Avocados make a great addition to smoothies, salad, and sandwiches, though I’ve been known to just cut them in half and eat them right out of the skin.

3. Green Tea

The catechins in green tea can guard against UV radiation, so make it a goal to drink two cups a day. Green tea can be a great liquid to add to smoothies, and it’s also delicious iced.

4. Citrus

Citrus is packed with vitamin C, and the essential oils on its skin contain limonene, an essential oil that offers a dose of skin protection. Zest lemons or limes into your tea, or even onto a nut butter sandwich. (Trust me on this one … it’s delish!)

5. Pomegranates

Pomegranates are rich in ellagic acid and support glutathione production in the body. These phytonutrients offer antioxidant protection and fight skin damage caused by free radicals. Pomegranate juice makes a great addition to lemonade, and pomegranate seeds pair nicely with guacamole, as well!

6. Foods rich in omega-3

Salmon, flaxseeds, and chia seeds are all omega-3 powerhouses. These fats act as sunscreen and have been shown to decrease the risk of squamous cell skin cancer by up to 20 percent.

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