64 rescued dogs were adopted; these 2 were not

Sixty-four dogs rescued from an “unhealthy” Hanover home last month were adopted to new, loving families Wednesday. More than 100 people waited in line for hours outside Hanover County Animal Control  just for the opportunity to adopt one of the rescued dogs.

People were so in the mood to adopt,  five dogs at the shelter not associated with the recent rescue were also adopted.

Unfortunately, two of the rescued dogs were not adopted and remained at the Hanover shelter.

The remaining two dogs are older have some health concerns which made them less desirable to most of the people waiting to adopt, Hanover Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. James Cooper said. He called the two dogs very loving and calm.

The Chocolate Labrador Retriever is 10 years old. The red Labrador is 14 years old.

One has heartworms and the chocolate lab has an eye condition that could lead to blindness.

“We will hang on to these old girls until they are adopted,” Cooper said. “We will NOT be putting them down.”

Anyone with questions about the remaining dogs can call the Hanover Animal Shelter at 804-365-6485.


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