7 Best Uses Of Lemon Every Woman Should Know

Lemon is a fruit that has long been valued for their nutritional and antioxidant properties, their richness in vitamins and minerals, and numerous proven health benefits. Lemon juice has been widely used for treating variety of skin problems.

Therefore, it’s a common ingredient in numerous scrubs, masks, creams as well as lotions that can be found on the market, but also homemade.

Lemon has the ability to significantly improve our nails, teeth and hair. In this article, we present you a list of the 7 best ways to use lemon!

The 7 Best Uses of Lemon

1. It nourishes our skin
Add a small amount of lemon juice on a cotton ball and clean your face before you go to bed, and your skin will be fresh and shiny. Make sure you put some sunscreen in the morning.

2. It can lighten your hair
This amazing and fresh juice is great for lightening your hair and making it shinier than ever. Just put it on your whole hair and walk outside in the sun. The results are miraculous.

3. Eliminate spots on the face
If you suffer from appearance of pigment spots, black spots, acne, dark patches, etc., lemon juice will treat them efficiently. Apply some lemon juice on a cotton ball and let it to stay on the affected areas for 15 minutes. After that, rinse it away using plenty of warm water.

4. Prevents chapped lips
Your lips can are likely to become chapped due to vitamins deficiency, dry skin or cooler atmosphere. Just put a little bit of juice on your lips before you go to bed. They will be hydrated and moist.

5. Removes blackheads
You can remove your blackheads by applying some lemon juice on them.

6. Nourishes the nails
For renewed, healthier and strong nails, you just need to apply a small amount of lemon juice on them.

7. Use it as a deodorant
Mix honey, lemon juice and oatmeal to make a homemade scrub and put it your underarms. Let it rest for 1 hour and then remove it with plenty of lukewarm water. All of the sweat will be removed naturally!