7 Cancerogenic Food Products Made in China You Mustn’t Consume


We all know that in the recent years most of the food we consume is imported from China. We have enough farm food on our own, so the reason for this increased importation of harmful food is certainly the low price of it.

Here is the list of the most harmful foods imported from China that we consume:

  1. Chicken

    The sale of Chinese chicken is approved in America, but we all know that China is the country that very often has problems with avian flu and food poisoning. Also, recent researches have shown that chicken is kept in catastrophic conditions.

  2. Apple juice

    China exports 50% of the USA apple juices. This country is known to use many dangerous ingredients in the food production process even the prohibited pesticides.

  3. Rice

    Chinese are also known to produce fake rice made of resin and potatoes. This type of rice stays hard after boiling.

  4. Industrial salt

    Industrial salt is labeled “unfit for human consumption.” Yet it is much cheaper, which is why 788 tons of it was sold by at least 12 people over the course of 13 years as table salt. The industrial salt can cause mental and physical issues, such as hypothyroid problems and reproductive system disorders.

  5. Tilapia Fish

    80% of tilapia in America comes from China. The fish are bottom feeders and will eat almost anything. With water pollution, the way it is in China, eating anything raised in that water would be unsafe to say the least. Plus, who knows what the fish are being fed. There is, also, one study that states tilapia is less healthy than bacon.

  6. Cod Fish

    50% of American Cod comes from China. Yet again this is a water pollution and feeding issue. There are few restrictions in China for these types of exports.

  7. Processed Mushrooms

    34% of all processed mushrooms come from China. Just as we saw with apples, one does not know what the mushrooms are grown in and exactly how healthy they are. Just to be on the safe side, buy mushrooms local or from trusted American-based or Canadian-based farms.

h/t: www.healthyfoodstar.comalthealthworks.com;


image source: www.healthyfoodstar.com

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