7 characteristics that men find especially desirable in women

These are the 7 characteristics that men find especially desirable:

1. Her hips

Quite a lot of men find a woman very attractive when she her waist-to-hip ratio is low. This proves that there is no need to starve yourself to look very slim. Men drift towards women who have a better ratio because instinctively they know that these women will be better able to withstand bearing a child.


2. Proportionality

They prefer women who have proportionate figures, especially when it comes to their facial features. Not only do they look beautiful, it also means that these women come from a strong genetic line so she is considered healthier and more desirable.

3. Flowing tresses

No matter the race, men think women who have longer hair are more beautiful than women who prefer to keep it short. A 2004 study published in Human Nature undertook a survey and most of the male volunteers stated that they found long hair prettier. Researchers speculate that more masculine hairstyles might intimidate men so it is better to grow it out.

4. A touch of fire

Reddening the lips has been a trend since ancient times and this is not without any logic. Everybody belonging to the human race is instinctively drawn to all shades of red. Women will first notice a man whose clothes are red in any way. It is the hue connected to love, romance and all things sexual.

5. Scent

The scent affects men; not in a negative manner. A woman will radiate pheromones, noticeable to men, based on which stage of her cycle she is at. No one smells the same and some might like your smell and some might not. Everyone has different levels of compatibility.


6. Her eyes

A man’s favorite feature is usually a woman’s eyes. They prefer those who have large, radiant eyes as they are seen as indicators of well-being and youthfulness. The shade of the eyes isn’t important as long as they are bright and sparkling.

7. Pleasant voices

A woman’s appearance isn’t all that matters. Men also find women with high pitched voices more attractive. Just like the scent she radiates, the way she speaks is also of importance. A simple example of this preference can be seen in the kind of voices used by companies that offer sex on the phone to women. The women have higher voices because men find that more desirable.

8. Exquisite lips

The shade of a woman’s lips matter.  They generally find women with full lips more attractive than others.