7 Daily Rituals That Are Harmful For Women

Most women have their own personal ritual for body treatment, such as the use of sunscreen, scrubbing the face, wearing a bra while sleeping or combing their hair with a special brush. They believe that what they are doing is good for their body but it turns out that they’re only damaging it. Day after day these habits significantly harm their body.

In this article, we consider some harmful women’s rituals, which can further lead to negative health effects. You should reconsider these habits to avoid health complications in the future.

Washing your vagina with soap

There is little doubt that hygiene is paramount, and every woman wants to keep her lady bits clean. But soaping your vagina may not be the ideal thing to do. Simply washing with water or douching is enough. The chemical in the soap if it enters the vulva can upset its natural pH balance and make it unnecessarily dry and itchy. Girls, you should know that vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism which it does by producing a white mucus to prevent growth of microbes.

Wearing the same sanitary napkin through the day

Experts advise it is imperative during your menses to change your sanitary napkin every five hours. This is to prevent any infection or growth of organisms in the already used napkin. Even when your period is waning, you shouldn’t spend the whole day in a single tampon. This can lead to vaginal infection and redness. Change about twice to thrice in such a case, always have a clean pad on.

You spray the deodorant on your skin

This is a dreadful practice and can cause breast cancer too. Deodorants are made of toxic chemicals, and be spraying them directly on your skin, you are inducing these toxins into your blood stream. Use it over your clothes, even if the packing says it is safe for use on skin. Deodorants put you at a risk of breast cancer.

You love wearing underwire bras

Skin irritation, breast fungus, poor circulation and hyper-pigmentation are some of the ills of wearing an underwire bra rather frequently. It’s okay to match it occasionally with a dress or two, but don’t make it a daily habit. Let your breasts breathe, don’t wear too tight, constricted bras

Rare washing bra.

To keep your breasts in shape, you need to take care of your bras. Prolonged use without washing them makes them smell unpleasant and can stretch the fabric cups. You should wash your bras more often to ensure that they keep their shape.

Not using a scarf when you are under the rays of the sun.

Direct sun rays are very damaging to the health of your skin, they can even lead to skin cancer. That is why you should always cover the exposed areas of your skin with a scarf or use sunscreen.

Sleeping with makeup on.

By not washing off your makeup, you leave dirt on your skin that clogs the pores and leads to inflammation. Sleeping with mascara on is also very harmful. This leads to eye irritation and redness.

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