7 Early Warning Signs Of Kidney Failure You Should Pay Particular Attention

Paying attention to the sings your body is sending is the key to detect an anomaly and will enable you to take preventive measurements for treatment on time.

Can kidney failure be detected at the onset?

Sometimes, there are various symptoms that warn you to problems at the beginning. You should pay attention to each one of these. It’s recommended to try preventing the condition of becoming advanced and reaching a stage that can become fatal.

Above all, take note if you have one of he following illnesses:

• Diabetes
• Kidney stones
• High blood pressure
• Congestive heart failure

However, getting an immediate diagnosis of renal failure is considered difficult since as many scientists claim, it’s one of the silent illnesses.

Warning signs of kidney problems

Changes in urination patterns

Changes in urination patterns don’t refer specifically to the physical characteristics, but more in the quantity of times a person urinates and in the amount of urine.

When kidney problems occur, the quantity of urine starts to increase in the first stages, but later it tends to decrease. This happens despite the increase in the sensation of having need to urinate.

Fluid retention

Fluid retention is one of the instantly recognizable signs of kidney problems and one experiences swollen legs without having done any physical exercise.

If the condition is advanced, one would experience soft swelling in the ankles, the hands and even the face. This occurs due to resorting to remedies to prevent the retention of fluids, even if only temporarily.

Pay attention to each of the signs of kidney problems

Extreme fatigue

Constant fatigue and feeling tired are indications that something isn’t going well in the body. This could be a sign of renal problems.

Fluid retention, as well as the lack of filtration of toxins and wastes, cause fatigue in people who suffer from kidney issues.

Above all, it’s advisable to consult a doctor to study the medical causes of chronic fatigue in your case. Thus, you will know for certain if you have kidney failure or if there is another cause.

Anemia can also indicate on potential kidney problems. However, a specialist should confirm whether or not the anemia is because of renal problem.

General itching

General itching, or itchy skin is one clear sign that renal problems exist. Poor functioning of the kidneys contribute to itchy skin. The accumulation of toxins can compromise your health. If you have itching, immediately visit a doctor.

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