7 Extremely Effective Remedies For Removing Bed Bugs

Bed bugs issues seem impossible to resolve as those pesky critters have flat bodies enabling them to squeeze into tiny crevices in furniture and mattresses as well.

Fortunately, there are several methods to eliminate bed bugs naturally. These insects cannot survive to extreme hot or cold temperatures, which means methods like steam cleaning, hot washes, and drying on high heat are just some of the natural home remedies that can be of a great help in getting rid of them from bedding, furniture, clothing and so on. For larger areas, there are options for creating a DIY natural insecticide using all natural products like essential oils.

Locate the Infestation

Regardless of which method you decide to use, you should first locate the infestation, in order to eliminate all traces of the bugs from your home. They are most commonly found in bedrooms, but can live anywhere in your home where pets and/or people sleep.

According to EPA it is advisable to carefully check the seams of mattresses and other soft furnishings in your home, like sofa and seat cushions. Take a close look in the spaces between cushions, as well as mattresses, bed frames, and any other possible hiding places in the bedrooms.

Here are some natural home remedies that have proven to be extremely effective for battling bed bugs.

7 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

1. Vacuum Everything

Apart from washing all linens, mattress covers, fabrics, etc. in the hottest water possible, you should also vacuum everything you possibly can to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Make sure you vacuum all chairs and other soft furnishings, all carpets, box springs, and mattresses as well as mattress encasements, and even curtains. Bed bugs can hide anywhere and everywhere, including upholstered furniture and especially in obscure places. In fact, it’s not all that uncommon to discover them in electric appliances too. Vacuum all rooms well, at least once a week, assuring there is no stone left unturned. Dispose of the vacuum bag, outside, after you finish vacuuming the area.

2. Steam Cleaning

Bed bugs infestation cannot be completely eradicated by vacuuming as some items are unable to be washed at high temperatures. Therefore, a steam cleaning is considered as highly effective in eliminating the annoying creatures since both adult bed bug and their eggs cannot tolerate the steam. In addition to this, steam cleaning is beneficial as the heat treatment enables deep penetration into the fabric and reaching areas such as small cracks, crevices and corners.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is actually drying out the bed bugs, since it can suck the moisture from them and ultimately destroys them. Spread a light layer of it throughout all affected rooms in the home, layering it from every wall to the doorways and corners – wherever you think there is a bed bugs infestation. Let the baking soda to sit for an entire week. After a week, suck up all the baking soda using a vacuum cleaner, basically following the above vacuuming process, getting each and every area very thoroughly to make sure that there are no eggs or bed bugs anywhere.
You may have to repeat this process several times to completely remove the infestation.

4. Cayenne Pepper, Ginger, and Oregano Bed Bug Fighting Spray

The spiciness of cayenne and ginger, mixed with the strong smell of oregano essential oil that’s known to offend bed bugs, makes this homemade powder is especially effective when it comes to eliminating bed bugs.

To make it you’ll need the following ingredients:

• 1 tsp cayenne pepper
• 1 tsp grated ginger
• 1 tsp oregano essential oil
• 1 cup water


• Add the cayenne pepper, grated ginger, and oregano essential oil to the cup of water in a pan on the stove.
• Boil the water for about 7 minutes.
• Strain the solution into a spray bottle and then spray it around any entry points of rooms that have bed bugs, as well as around bed frames, mattresses, etc. You may need to repeat this process every few days until the problem has been resolved.

5. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is great for inhibiting viral and bacterial infections,but it can also be used to kill insects, including bed bugs as it has powerful antibiotic, antifungal, antiseptic, expectorant and antiviral and antiparasitic properties , essential for destroying or suppressing their growth.

You can use tea tree oil for a minor bed bug infestation to fight it off before it gets out of hand. Dilute 20 drops of 100% pure tea tree oil in a spray bottle with water and then thoroughly spray affected furnishings. Getting under, around and on all areas of an affected mattresses, as well as walls, cabinets, curtains, cushions and other soft materials, in addition to washing linens and any fabrics in the hottest water possible. Repeat the process once a week until the problem is totally eliminated.

6. Lavender/Peppermint Oil Pesticide Spray

While lavender is widely used for relaxation and calmness due to its floral aroma, it can also be used as an effective asset to get rid of bed bugs. Actually, lavender essential oil has been widely used as a bag repellent for centuries, as well as for protecting clothes and linens from the moths and other insect infestation.

To make this natural pesticide spray, you will need to fill a spray bottle with water, and add about 15 drops of lavender essential oil and 15 drops of peppermint oil – both available to buy from here. Shake well and then spray in all infested areas of your home. Continue to do this daily until there aren’t any signs of the bed bugs.

7. Peppermint Leaves

You can also use peppermint leaves to eliminate bed bugs, for the same reasons as of lavender’s– the oil in the leaves offers powerful bug repellent action. Simply crush up dry mint leaves to make about one cup, and then spread the crushed leaves around infested areas. Repeat once a week until the problem is gone, vacuuming up the old leaves that have lost their potency, replacing with new ones.

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