7 Fashion Mistakes You’re Making Every Day

The way you dress can certainly change the way you look and you should know what style best fits your age and body shape so that you can look your best.

If you’re wearing the wrong skirt length or dress style, if your hair is the wrong color or style you can look 10 years older or even 10 pounds heavier. You need to know how to dress to impress.

Here are the most common mistakes that people make, due to which they look fatter and older than they really are.

Wrong Type of Glasses

You need to choose your glasses with caution, as you need to find the frame which fits your face shape. Instead of buying the cheapest or the first ones you see, glance through the magazines and look for the type that fits your face best. Remember that you will wear them for longer, so it doesn’t really matter if they are pricey.

Wearing too long skirts

Just because you are older, that does not mean that you cannot wear short skirts. However you should be careful of undefined sizes. You should know that skirts up to mid-calf are suitable for 20 year old girls, which is why you should wear a mid-knee skirt rather than a clumsy one.


Even though wearing a silk scarf is believed to be a nice accessory, you are not a flight attendant or in the 60s when they were all the rage. It is recommended to tie it around the bag handle instead of tying it around the neck, as it looks much nicer. You can also spice it up with nice necklace or some brooch.

Too much black

In many occasion black is elegant. However as you get older, the black becomes the color that you should avoid. Namely when you get older your skin tends to become whiter, and dark clothes and black hair will create too much contrast. This contrast will draws too much attention to all your defect such as the wrinkles, dark circles etc.

That is why you need to dye your hair in some brown shade. This will make you look at least 5 years younger. Also if you are fan of the little black dress, you can wear it but make sure that you use a colorful accessory.


Wearing oversized clothes only makes you look bigger, which is something you want to avoid. Make sure you always buy the right size of clothes when you go shopping, instead of buying bigger size to hide behind it. Find the style which fits your body shape the best and stick to it.

Don’t Go Shopping with the Wrong Person

Choosing the right partner when you go shopping is of utmost importance. You need a person who has a good taste and is ready to tell you the truth.

Watch out for Stumpy Shoes

As much popular platforms are, it doesn’t mean that they look good on everyone. For instance, if you have swollen feet or you are an elderly woman, these shoes will make your feet chubbier.

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