7 Great Superfoods To Strengthen Your Teeth And Prevent Enamel Erosion

Your smile is often the first impression people have you. If you want to make sure that your pearly whites stay strong, then you should take care of them. While regular brushing and flossing are essential, the foods you eat can also play a role in your oral health.

With their benefits, these superfoods will give everything your body needs for healthy and strong teeth.

This is how you add the special protection and prevent enamel erosion people suffer from really often.

Dark chocolate

Although sugar is not recommended for your teeth, chocolate contains tannin which is an excellent tooth protection. Tannin protects erosion of your teeth and also minimizes the gums inflammation. Another benefit is the antioxidants in the dark chocolate that helps to fight off bacteria in your mouth.

Milk and Cheese

Milk contains vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorous which are essential to prevent erosion of enamel and keeps your teeth healthy. Milk promotes re-mineralization and also increases secretion of saliva which protects the teeth against bacteria and regulates pH level of the mouth.

Cheese has the ability to fight acid erosion of your teeth. When you eat a meal containing sweets, breads, soda, or citrus, you expose the teeth to a lot of tooth decay that causes acid.

Consuming cheese after the meals helps to neutralize the acid left behind, thus preventing the teeth from decaying. Goat and sheep’s cheese are the best for you because are easier for digestive system than that made from cow’s milk.


They are great source of vitamins and also have a natural way for cleaning your teeth. Apples contain fiber which is ideal for scrubbing your teeth in a similar way to your toothbrush and also stimulates production of saliva due to extra chewing. This minimizes the amount of food build-up in your teeth after a meal. Therefore, production of saliva neutralizes enamel-damaging acids. Although, apples are important you should regulate the consumption habits since they have acids which can be harmful to your oral hygiene.


My Healthy Tips says that mushrooms are a good source of Vitamin D and helps with the absorption of calcium which strengthens teeth.


The combination of acids and vitamins in the oranges work as a great natural cleanser for your teeth. However, be careful and avoid letting the acid to stay on the teeth for a longer period. It could erode your enamel. Rinse your teeth with water to prevent the possible problem.


This superfood has amazing benefits for your oral health. The fresh smell allows your breath to stay clean and prevent bacteria that could lead to enamel erosion. Chew a piece of parsley to feel all of these benefits.


The crisp crunch of celery offers more than a refreshing snack; it can also help your teeth. Symptom Find indicates that the fiber found in celery works to clean the teeth while the longer chewing time also promotes healthy pH levels in your mouth. The result? Your enamel will be protected from plaque build-up.

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