7 Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep

There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night, before being awoken by the sound of your alarm clock just minutes after you finally manage to nod off! These sleepless nights can take their toll on our energy, productivity, mood and overall quality of life.

One way to ensure a better quality of sleep is to fill your home with beautiful flowers and plants. Not only do they look great and bring vitality and life to your living spaces, but they can have fantastic relaxing and purifying benefits – which in turn can promote a healthy sleeping pattern.

With stress and anxiety causing half of all insomnia issues, it’s a good idea to fill your home and bedroom with a variety of plants that have a calming effect.

Interestingly, there are a wide variety of plants that are thought to be able to help you improve the quality of your sleep. A study in Japan found that plants play a big role in physiological relaxation and immune recovery.

Here are 7 plants to try for your bedroom:

1. Lavender:

This herb is a very common ingredient in soaps and shampoos, plus it is frequently used in baths due to its calming and soothing fragrance. Lavender has also been used as a treatment for insomnia, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. In old times lavender flowers were placed under pillows or near beds for this reason. Placing a potted lavender plant on your nightstand may help you sleep comfortably at night.

2. Bamboo Palm:

Not only do bamboo palms naturally rid the air of toxins and repel spider mites that attack plants, they also provide much-needed moisture in the air during the winter months when the air is dry.

3. Aloe Vera:

This succulent plant is extremely easy to grow, plus it also clears out toxic agents in the air that could harm your body and make it difficult for you to sleep. Place one in your bedroom window where it can get much-needed sunlight.

4. Jasmine:

Placing a potted jasmine plant in your room not only adds beauty to your space, but its scent can also reduce anxiety, provide relaxation, and improve the mood. The blooms and the odor of the jasmine may help you achieve better sleeping patterns and reduce your stress.

5. Gardenia:

Gardenia contains crocetin, a compound which helps in improving the quality of sleep. It requires more maintenance than most plants in order to keep its flowers intact.

6. Valerian:

The root of the valerian plant contains a natural sedative and it has been used since old times as a tea for relieving insomnia and anxiety. However research shows that having the plant nearby may also enhance sleep quality by virtue of its scent.

7. Gerbera Daisies:

These bright and cheerful flowers couldn’t help but put you in a good mood! With pink, orange, yellow and white, they should be a welcome addition to any room – and not just because they look good.

They also release oxygen at night, which helps you breathe easy while you snooze. If you suffer from apnea or allergies, then these daisies are definitely recommended.

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