7 Signs Your Body Alerts You When Something Is Wrong

For centuries, medical professionals have used external signs your body sends you as a way to determine what’s going on inside the body, especially when something is going wrong. This type of diagnosis is still the most commonly used by most doctors, despite the fact that technology has led to other, more precise forms of diagnosing different diseases.

If something stops running well your body will let you know, in one way or another, that you can have a trouble in the system.

Sadly but many people barely notice those too, and even if we do, we have a really bad tendency to ignore those warning signs.

That’s one thing we should never ever do, as it may result in even more complications to one’s health. So, to make things less difficult for you, here is a list of signs or symptoms which you should never ignore:

1. Brittle Nails and Hair

They are an indication that you lack vitamin D, as well as calcium. Naturally, brittle nails and hair just mean you need to consume more vitamin D-rich and calcium-rich foods. An example of which includes: milk, legumes, potatoes, wheat germ and whole grains.

2. Dry Skin on Your Elbows

This is usually an indicator that you’re deficient in vitamins C and A.To mend this problem, you’d be wise to consume more carrots, pumpkin, oranges and apricots. Consuming any fruits and vegetables would help, but the above-mentioned four are the best for this issue.

3. Leg Cramps, Poor Sleep, Irritability

All the above-mentioned symptoms are your body’s way of warning you that you lack potassium and magnesium. The easiest and healthiest way to increase your potassium levels is to eat more leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, and chard.

4. Bleeding Gums

Like all problems concerning your teeth, bleeding gums are usually a sign that you lack vitamin C. An easy fix is to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, especially garlic.

5. Craving for Something Sweet

When you are craving sweets regularly, it can only mean you experience nervous exhaustion (you’re tired). The need for sugar is, in fact, a need for glucose, which is a source of energy.

In cases like this, rather than getting for those unhealthy variants, why not satisfy your sweet tooth with one spoon of honey or some dark chocolate.

6. Craving for Sour Food

in case you feel a craving for sour foods for no clear reason, it could only imply that your liver and gallbladder need additional stimulation. The smartest thing to do is simply consume more cranberries and lemons.

7. Craving Salty Food

Craving for foods high in salt content might indicate an inflammation or infection in your body. Typically, this revolves around the urogenital system.

h/t: healthyfoodmaster.com/10-signs-body-alerts-something-wrong/

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