7 Things Everyone Needs To To Do On Their Own In Life

Life is full of lessons. Some lessons are learned in an instant–like when you touch a hot stove. Others take time to fully understand–for example, what it truly means to be in love.

The objective of creating this list isn’t to instill some kind of a race against time or to create aversion toward death. I don’t see our existence to be limited to just our physical years on earth — I don’t see our existence to be limited to just our physical years on earth — our physical lifespan is but a short speck of our existence in the universe.

The whole point of creating your list is to maximize every moment of our existence and live our life to the fullest. It’s a reminder of all the things we want to achieve in our time here, so that instead of pandering our time in pointless activities, we are directing it fully toward what matters to us.

1.How to make money work for you
Saving money is a terrific habit. Even more unusual is the knowledge of how to turn those savings into a profitable investment. Understanding bonds and interest is a good place to start.

2.How to say “NO”
“He who would accomplish little must sacrifice little; he who would achieve much must sacrifice much; he who would attain must sacrifice greatly.” – James Allen

Learn to say no to the things that provide no value.

3.How to be persuasive
Some people are naturally persuasive – a marvelous ability to have. These folks are calm, amicable, and reciprocate manners and goodwill.

4.How to communicate with others
Small talk – most people hate it. Know why it exists? Because some are terrible communicators. Focus on what you need to say, listen to the other person, and ask questions.

5.How to manage stress
We’re terrible stress managers. Start dealing with stress more efficiently by asking a simple question: “What do I repeatedly think, do, or say that frustrates me?” Now, come up with a solution!

6.How to be productive
Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” – Bill Gates

What do you want to achieve in life? How do you need to use your time to accomplish these things?

7.How to live healthily
Start weaning yourself off of the sugar. Eliminate fast food. Do at least 15 minutes of light exercise every day.

It’s the single best activity that exposes you to new cultures, broaden your mind, move out of your comfort zone, allow you to meet new people, and experience the wonders of the world.

9.Learn a new language
Learning a new language is never easy but it’s so satisfying when you are able to converse with someone in a foreign language!

10.Go skiing
There’s something about being able to glide on snow while controlling your motor movements that just makes skiing such a fun sport. It’s by no means easy or safe — one should take lessons before attempting to ski alone — but it’s worth trying out, especially for people who don’t live in winter countries. I personally haven’t skied before and would love to give it a shot next time.

11.Give a heartfelt surprise to someone
When’s the last time you gave someone a surprise? It’s always heartwarming to come home to a nicely cooked dinner, to have a bouquet of flowers sent to you at work, or to even receive a simple text message from a loved one. Who is someone you would like to touch today?

12.Pursue your passion
Honestly, life is too short to be spent doing something you don’t love.

13.Play a musical instrument
Have you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar/violin/piano/etc. but never had a chance to? It’s never too late even if you’re an adult because science says it’s still possible! Learning to play a new instrument not only teaches you discipline but also makes you smarter — did you know that musicians use both sides of their brains more frequently than average people?

14.Live in a different country for at least 6 months
It’s great to holiday in countries around the world; it’s a different thing to live in a different country for an extended period of time. With the former, what you get is a taste of how different countries and cultures are like; with the latter, you get a full immersion of local culture and an inside view of it’s like to be a resident.

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