7 Ways Washing Dishes by Hand Can Impact Your Health and Life


Many people spend their evenings in very similar ways: getting home from work or daily errands, searching our cabinets and fridges for an easy meal, then finally sitting down to eat.

Cooking dinner after a long day is exhausting for some, but relaxing for others. One thing most people agree on, though, is that doing dishes after eating is not a particularly fun part of the evening.

That being said, there are actually some great benefits to doing your dishes by hand!

Instead of rushing through the dishes and loading the dishwasher, you might consider slowing down and occasionally doing the dishes by hand. Of course, the dishwasher is so helpful especially when there are a lot of dishes to do, but once you read over the seven ways that washing dishes by hand can impact your health and life, you are sure to look at this cleaning task a whole new way. The following are just some of the ways that doing dishes can also be a natural home remedy. You will want to look at the whole list when you have a chance.

1. Believe it or not but doing the dishes can help to lower stress. Some recent studies show that washing dishes by hand is in fact linked to mindfulness, which makes sense given that washing dishes by hand causes people to slow down a bit and think about what they are doing. And there is something a bit soothing about the whole dishwashing process. Mindfulness means that you are focusing on the actions and the things you are doing at the present time. Hand-washing dishes takes just enough focus to keep you paying attention to the present moment. Doing dishes by hand has been linked to reduced level of stress, well-being, and immune-system boost.

2. Fewer Allergies –  In 2015, the journal Pediatrics published a preliminary study that suggests that our immune systems can benefit from getting a little dirty.

They came up with the “hygiene hypothesis,” that claims that kids today have more allergies because their environments are too clean.

Time magazine reports that researchers “discovered that children in homes where the family hand-washed the dishes instead of using a machine were less likely to have allergies.”

3. Relaxation – One way people love to relax is by going to the spa.

There’s nothing more calming than getting a massage or facial. Being pampered, listening to nice music, and relaxing in a dark, nice-smelling room, is a surefire way to feel calm.

Psychologist Dr. Aric Sigman found that doing the dishes can have a similar effect on one’s mental health as visiting a spa.

Daily Mail reports, “The soothing, warm, scented suds in the sink induce a relaxed mood, while the completion of the task produces a sense of wellbeing.”

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