8 Amazing Foods And Drinks That Will Help You Find Mental Balance And Peace

Though there is a general belief that nervous people can’t change, there are researchers that prove quite the opposite. According to certain researches, there are natural products like medical plants and herbs that help nervous people to calm down.

In this article we will present you with these 8 amazing foods that you should include in your daily diet in order to prevent and help treat anxiety, depressive and irritability disoerders.

1. Vegetables

Vegetables, mainly the dark green varieties, provide numerous benefits for the nervous system. Green vegetables, as well as fruits, are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

You can either mix them in salads or to eat them in breakfast smoothies.
Lettuce and watercress are excellent options.

Arugula also contains these properties.

Spinach is rich in vitamins and helps the nervous system.

2. Oats

Oats are one of the grains that are well-known by their richness in nutrients as well as fibers and proteins.

Oats have a positive effect on nervous system: they renew energy levels and fight anxiety and irritability.

3. Basil

Basil has the ability to helps treat stomach problems that result from the somatization of emotional states due to their powerful anti-stress property.

Basil also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You can consume it in many different ways. For example, you can eat it raw or in sauces. Additionally, basil oil can be used for a relaxation bath.

4. Chocolate

At this point you should know that chocolate is not just a sweet, it’s a food. When it comes to chocolate, the better option is the dark chocolate with a cacao percentage higher than 70%.

Chocolate is also extremely beneficial for the nervous system. Its theobromine content is essential for brain stimulation. Additionally, dark chocolate also boasts flavonoids that protect blood vessels and help cognitive function.

5. Walnuts

Thanks to their powerful anti-depressive quality which from the significant quantity of fatty acids walnuts help stimulating serotonin production.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that sends signals of well-being to the brain and, in that way, to the rest of the body.

Walnuts significantly improve anxious states and depression as well. Eating two tablespoons of walnuts is enough to feel the benefits.

6. Red cabbage

Just as the most purple-colored fruits and vegetables, red cabbage also contains anthocyanins, essential for protecting the body from heart diseases.

Cabbage acts as mind-cleaner, which helps ease us into a relaxed state. Red cabbage also has anti-cancegenic and anti-stress properties.

7. Lemon verbena

This plant acts as natural relaxant. It is the best stress-reliever and the best ally in the fight against insomnia and anxiety. Traditionally, people widely used it as a digestive to help expel natural gases.

Lemon verbena is an antispasmodic and amazing as a tea or combined with juices. If you combine it with valerian, you can benefit from even better effects.

8. Passion flower

This flower has the ability to relax the nerves and muscles. Thanks to its effects, it’s perfect for nervous people.You can find the essence of passion flower in natural-food stores and you can dissolve into teas or even into orange juice.

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