8 Amazing Reasons Why To Drink Hibiscus Tea

The way of preparation a hibiscus herbal tea includes steeping parts of the hibiscus plant in boiling water.

The flavor resembles to that of cranberries you can enjoy both hot and cold.
Researchers have been examining the health benefits of hibiscus tea, and found out that they range from regulating blood pressure, fighting bacteria and moreover helping lose extra weight.

In this article we will present you with 8 amazing benefits of drinking hibiscus tea.

1. Packed With Antioxidants
Hibiscus tea is excellent for prevent damage and diseases caused by the free radicals accumulation thanks to its rich antioxidant content.

2. May Help Lower Blood Pressure
With time, high blood pressure can weaken the heart by placing additional strain on the heart. High blood pressure also increases the risk of heart disease. One of the most beneficial and well-known properties of hibiscus is that it reduces blood pressure.

Note: Not recommended for those who take hydrochlorothiazide, a type of diuretic used to treat high blood pressure, since it can interfere with the drug.

3. May Help Lower Blood Fat Levels
Another risk factor leading to heart disease is blood fat levels, however, some studies have found that hibiscus tea has the ability to lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides in individuals suffering from diabetes and metabolic syndrome, while others have provided conflicting results. Additional research is required in the general population.

4. May Boost Liver Health
According to human and animal studies, hibiscus extract has proven as extremely effective in promoting liver health by stimulating the production of drug-detoxifying enzymes and reducing liver damage and fatty liver.

5. Could Promote Weight Loss
A few human and animal studies have shown there is a strong correlation between the consumption of hibiscus extract with decreased body weight and body fat, but more research is required.

6. Contains Compounds That May Help Prevent Cancer
Test-tube studies have found that hibiscus extract prevents the growth and spread of plasma, mouth, prostate and stomach cancer cells. Human studies are needed to be done to evaluate the effect of hibiscus tea.

7. Could Help Fight Bacteria
According to test-tube studies, hibiscus extract possess powerful properties essential for the fight against certain strains of bacteria. More research is required to establish the effect of hibiscus tea against bacterial infections in humans.

8. Flavorful and Easy to Make
Hibiscus tea can be made by simply drying hibiscus flowers and then adding them to teapot. Bring it to boil and let it steep for five minutes. Then, strain, sweeten if needed with honey or flavored with lime and you can enjoyed both hot or cold.

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