8 Dangerous Underwear Habits You Should Pay Attention To

A number of women can definitely agree that there must be some mystical power associated with buying clothes that even having a similar piece you would still want another one.

Lingerie brands are well acquainted with these weaknesses and like to speculate on them, turning boutiques of underwear into boudoirs, where you want to stay for longer. However, many women still haven’t realized fact that certain underwear habits can have a negative impact on our health.

1. Too-tight underwear
Many women aren’t aware that wearing a smaller size of lingerie can cause a shape with bolsters on its sides, as well as, skin irritation and poor blood circulation in that area.

2. Shapewear
If your tight undergarment turns out to be shapewear, like the popular hip- and tummy-slimming kinds or waist-cinching corsets, you are at high risk of health complications beyond your appearance.
Dr. Donnica Moore says “If it’s really tight, you could have nerve impingement and decreased circulation.”
Shapewear can also lead to numbness or tingle in your extremities.

3. Synthetic fabrics and silk
Cotton is considered the best material fabric material for underwear, which on the other hand is most comfortable as well.
Dr. Donnica Moore indicates on the fact that: Silk and synthetic fabrics are not breathable, which increases the risk of moisture being trapped and retained, which can create a yeast or bacterial infection.”

4. Thongs
Thongs can be a unique one-way ticket to bacteria from the back to the front. Thong underwear tends to be more irritating since it has more contact with the vaginal and vulval area, but that doesn’t mean women can’t wear them, but only on special occasions.

5. Underwear at night
According to experts, both men and women can get numerous health benefits from sleeping naked such as better night sleep and improved blood circulation and skin health as well.

6. Not changing the underwear every day
Changing the underwear every day is very important. Physically active individuals are recommended to change them twice.

7. “Going commando” during the day
Another underwear habit considered dangerous is not wearing underwear under your clothes since it causes irritation and discomfort.

8. Non-hypoallergenic detergent
If you are washing your underwear with chemical powders and feel a slight itch or irritation in a delicate area, try changing it or start using baby soap. If you don’t notice any improvements, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor.