8 Genius Tricks To Keep Flies Out Of Your Home And Garden

I waste hours of my life chasing after flies.
First I try to usher them out of an open window, but when that fails, I normally have to resort to the fly swatter.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could just stop flies from entering our home and invading our gardens in the first place?

Instead of putting up with the flies, or constantly shooing and swatting, try one of these clever fly repellent ideas.

1. Cayenne Pepper

Many types of animals, including pests, have strong feelings against hot cayenne pepper powder, so it’s not all that shocking that flies aren’t a big fan of it either. To use cayenne pepper as a repellent, simply mix some up with water and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Use liberally on areas with lots of flies, and it will kill them off in no time. Don’t be afraid to use it everywhere, as it’s a safe and non-toxic solution for eliminating flies in both your home and your garden.

2. Fragrant Herbs as a Repellent

Another way to completely deter flies from your garden is to plant aromatic and fragrant herbs such as lavender, basil, and mint. If you are growing vegetables outdoors, it can be helpful to put in bunches of these herbs surrounding your produce as it would effectively discourage the flies from hanging around. If you aren’t able to grow any herbs, the dried form of any of them will work just fine if they are bundled and tied inside of a cheese cloth. Then, just hang them in the affected areas.

3. Slices of Cucumber

Flies famously hate the smell of cucumbers, so one of the best ways to deter them from laying eggs in your garbage is to put slices of cucumbers right on top of the can. This will discourage them from going anywhere near the trash, which can be especially helpful during those hot summer days. In addition to that, placing cucumbers around all areas of “risk” for flies will keep them away before they even have a chance to seek out and discover the places they might want to lay their eggs.

4. Citronella Smoke

Even though citronella candles are known for being a great mosquito repellent, it’s been found that they are equally effective for getting rid of flies too. Flies hate smoke, and with the added scent of the citronella candle flies will soon scatter. Camphor candles or oil works just as well as any citronella product, but both of these are highly recommended for indoor and outdoor fly problems. It’s helpful to allow the candles to work up to half an hour prior to sitting or working around an area that you might think is infested with these insects.

This set of three candles take advantage of the fly-repelling properties of both citronella and lemongrass.

5. Sugar Water Trip with Paper Cone

This natural method for getting rid of flies is one of the easiest, most cost effective, and simplest to put together. All you need is a jar with a little bit of sugar water on the bottom, and a paper cone to insert inside the jar upside down.
First, cut a small hole in the tip of the cone before putting it in the jar, and make sure that it isn’t touching the liquid at all. Then leave the trap where you believe it will attract most flies, and as they go down the cone towards the sugar water they will not be able to get back out again, trapping them inside the jar. It’s good to change out the jars and empty them out every couple of days until you feel that all the flies have been eliminated.

6. Milk Sugar Pepper Traps

This type of trap has been found to work wonderfully with all flies, but it’s especially effective for combating fruit flies.
First, take a saucepan and heat up one cup of milk, three teaspoons of sugar, and one tablespoon of pepper. Allow the mixture to simmer for five to 10 minutes and then pour the mixture in a shallow bowl. Now, place the bowls around the infested areas. The flies will immediately be attracted to this mixture and drown right after landing in the bowls. After a day or two, be sure to clean everything out and dispose of all the dead flies.

7. Vodka-based Repellent

Flies hate the smell of vodka, which is one of the reasons why this alcohol-based recipe is a great natural product to assist in getting rid of them. In a spray bottle, mix one cup of vodka with two teaspoons of aloe vera juice and a teaspoon of lemon eucalyptus oil. Then spray the solution in all the areas that you know are infested with flies. It’s good to also apply it to areas that might not have flies yet in order to discourage them from going there after leaving the spot they’re already in.

8. Cinnamon Air Fresheners

Flies absolutely hate the smell of cinnamon, so keep this in mind if you have a problem with this pesky pest the next time you’re in the hunt for a new air freshener. While you can purchase one with this scent, most store-bought fresheners come with a host of chemicals, so it’s best to simply sprinkle powdered cinnamon. Distribute it throughout your home to deter flies from living and breeding in your house and garden. It’s a great, non-toxic substance that will not harm anyone in your family or any of your pets. Another way to utilize it to get rid of flies requires putting some onto a hot candle or buying some cinnamon essential oil and adding it to water in a spray bottle.

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