8 Helpful Tips To Detox Your Lungs

The lungs are one of the most important organs in our body, but very few take a good care of them.

Factors such as environment pollution, smoking cigarettes and poor diet can be detrimental to your lungs heart and you will experience damaged lungs function and wheezing. Everything that enters into our lungs goes into our bloodstream, and therefore, keeping your lungs clear is of vital importance for their proper functioning and for your overall health.
By following these 8 helpful tips you will be able to detox your lungs naturally and thus reduce the risk of developing lung cancer and other respiratory issues.

Drinking Water
Medical experts strongly recommend drinking 8-10 glasses a day (or 6 at the minimum) in order to stay hydrated, which is very important for your lungs. Drinking water in high amounts prevents bacterial infections and eliminates the excess mucus in your lungs. You can also add fresh veggies or fruits in the water to improve its flavor.

Maybe The Following Recipe Can Help:
Lemon and cucumber Detoxification Water:

• A glass of fresh water
• half a lemon
• 6-8 cucumber slices
• A handful of mint leaves

Add all the ingredients in a bowl, stir well and leave the mix in the refrigerator overnight to absorb all the flavors. Drink this flavored wa
ter every day to detoxify your lungs and boost their capacity.

Lemon, Peppermint, And Ginger
Lemon water is considered as one of the best natural cleansers due to its rich antioxidant and nutrient content, and vitamin C, which helps get rid of harmful bacteria in your air passage and maintain the lungs clean and healthy. Drink a mix of some lemon, peppermint, and ginger in a jug of fresh water when you get up in the morning to eliminate all the toxins trapped in your lung area. For the same reason, you can also consume several cups of peppermint or ginger tea every day.

Breathing Exercises
Deep breathing exercises can help you clean the toxins from your lungs. This will also increase the blood flow to the lungs. Start with practicing deep breathing, then continue holding your breath as long as you can, and then breathing out in one long exhale. In addition to this you can also try physical exercises to open up your lungs, improve their capacity, and stimulate the heart function.

Natural Cleaning Products
The cleaning products we are using contain toxins and chemical substances that can cause asthma and many other respiratory problems. Make sure you always read the label when you’re buying cleaning products, and choose the ones that don’t contain fragranced and flammable ingredients. Additionally, you should air out your home frequently by opening your windows and doors, especially when you clean.

A Hot Eucalyptus Shower
By taking a hot shower or bath with eucalyptus essential oil is very beneficial for opening your lungs and eliminating the harmful toxins simply. The very strong antioxidant and antiseptic found in eucalyptus can improve the symptoms of coughs and common colds. It’s also great for clogged sinuses, alleviate your chest congestion or a sore throat.

Quit Smoking
Undoubtedly, smoking cigarettes is the worst habit that can significantly damage your wellness and lung function. You cannot stop smoking overnight, but habits like drinking a lot of fresh water and regularly eating vegetables and fruits can be of a great help. If you are not a smoker, make sure you avoid smoky rooms and people who smoke.

Grape Juice
Fresh grape juice contains anti-oxidants, essential for improving your lungs by reducing the inflammation and irritation within your lungs.

Avoid Foods That Produce Mucus
Avoid soy, wheat, and dairy products since they increase the production of mucus in the lungs. In addition, the body finds hard to digest them, which is another reason why you should stop eating them and start consuming fiber and antioxidant-rich foods, which are much healthier foods and wil improve your digestive function and also stimulate your lungs function.

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