8 Signs of a Fake Nice Person

With fake people, at first, you have endless chats about everything. You share your deepest secrets, but then, they expose you and talk behind your back. Even though you think of them as nice people, in the end, they turn out to be toxic. Probably, you have had a fake friend in your life.

But knowing who are real friends is not enough. So, here is a list of things you can spot in a fake friend.

1. Gossiping is Their Priority

They want to hang out with you to gossip about other people. And, when they do this, they may be doing the same with other people, but then, you would be the main topic.

2. They Want to Be Your Priority

Even though they would not do the same, fake friend will want you to put them on the top of your priority list. They want to feel important. They need to be the center of your world, and if it is not as they wish, they get angry.

3. They Are Sarcastic

They want to get from you whatever they want, but when they do not succeed, they may use sarcasm in order to insult you. By making you feel bad, they feel better.

4. They See You as a Competition

These people see everything as a competition. They think they are better than you. Actually, they think they are the best at everything. Also, they will always try to win at everything no matter what!

5. They Will Often Disappoint You

In the beginning, this so-called “friends” will make many plans and promises, but in the end, they will let you down. And, when you try to find a way to talk with them about the situation, they may verbally insult you.

6. Respect Powerful People

While real people respect everyone, fake ones respect only powerful people. And, the reason behind is because they can use them. If you notice they are nice to people that are not powerful, that is because they have some hidden agenda.

7. Attention Seekers

These people are simply desperate for attention. They would do whatever it takes to be in the spotlight. Often, they may use lies in order to make themselves look better.

8. They Brag About Their Achievements

If someone cannot be quiet about their own achievement, and continuously brags about how successful they are, then, they are for sure fake nice people. They simply cannot wait to succeed in something in order to talk about it day and night.

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