8 Signs You’re Overstressed And Don’t Know It

Stress can be the underlying reason for many of our ailments. It lowers the immune system, causing us to get sick and acquire pain in the body. Stress enables us to function in a balanced manner, and while under stress we can’t see the many symptoms it conjures up.

Stress is a normal part of life. Many events that happen to you and around you — and many things that you do yourself — put stress on your body. You can experience good or bad forms of stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts.”

When we are overstressed, we might not even feel the stress, as it masks itself under several symptoms.

Here are 8 of the tell-tale signs that you’re overstressed and you don’t even know it!

1. Yоur Body Is In Pain.

When we’re in pain we tend to ignore it until it becomes unbearable, which is completely wrong. Every pain in our body needs to be addressed, especially because it can indicate a more serious issue.

Stress can cause your body to start breaking down, leading to stomach issues, diarrhea, ulcers, tense muscles, chest pains and palpitations. Your entire body will start aching, your arthritis will kick in and the headaches will become more intense.

Never ignore these pains, address the issue and accept the fact that you’re pushing yourself too hard. Managing your stress begins with accepting and become aware that things must change.

2. You Aren’t Sleeping Well.

If your sleep patterns have recently changed, be it too much sleeping due to exhaustion or insomnia, you need to change something. You’re probably overstressed and your body finds the best way it can to cope with the stress.

Meditation, exercise and a healthier diet can help you with the sleep problems, but the root cause should be discovered and dealt with properly. Do you worry a lot before you go to bed? Are you having nightmares? Whatever happens throughout the day can linger on in your subconscious and cause you sleep problems.

Stress can interfere with your inner peace. Even though your sleep habits can change as you age, when you’re overstressed your sleep is the first thing that gets affected.

3. You Have Weigt Fluctrations.

Are you over eating or forgetting to eat? Stress will slow down your metabolism and you will gain weight. Change in appetite is a radar to our emotional and physical bodies and how we are being affected. If you are worrying and not addressing the issues, it can also find you losing weight quickly. When we are overstressed, cells do not get enough oxygen.

Food is energy and what we put in the body is a sign of how we handle things. Are you eating too many sweets? Are you not eating enough? The body is a vehicle, and how we treat it is based on our mental capacity to deal with emotional issues.

4. You Obsess Over Your Problems

If it seems like there’s nothing you can do to shift your mind away from work concerns, financial worries or relationship issues, this is a major warning sign that stress is controlling your life right now.

You won’t actually be able to find a solution to your problems until you’re able to detach from them and think more objectively, so think about how you can stop stress from suffocating you. For example, if work is your major concern, setting a daily cut-off time for email checks can be very useful.

5. You Can’t Sit Still.

The inability to sit still is a sure sign of being overstressed. Anxiety and stress can make you uncomfortable with your own thoughts and your mind can be your worst enemy. If you can’t go for a walk, sit in contemplation, do gentle stretching exercises or just be with your own thoughts, there is a chance you are overly stressed.

Find a way to manage your anxiety and fears and face what’s really troubling you. Avoiding the problem can only make it worse and soon you’ll be facing a much bigger one.

6. Your Patience Is Wearing Thin

Reduced tolerance for other people (even those you truly love) is often one of the first signs that stress is slowly starting to get the best of you.

We often displace our anger and anxiety, taking it out on those nearby as a way of ensuring it gets expressed in some way (no matter how unhealthy). So if you’re snapping at people or feeling annoyed when in their company, consider that you might need to ask for help coping with stress.

7. You’re Losing Hair

There are many medical causes of hair loss, but research shows that undergoing extreme stress can change your physiological functions to the extent that too many of your hairs go into the “resting phase” at once. You may therefore lose up to double the usual amount of hair around 3-4 months after the onset of stress.

If your doctor can’t find a purely physical cause for your unexpected hair loss, it could be that you’ve been overstressed for ages without ever really acknowledging it.

8. You Have a Loss Of Libido

The loss of libido is one of the subjects most people do not address under stress. They won’t even acknowledge it to themselves or their partners. Whenever stress levels increase, the stress hormone secretions responsible for sexual response get affected.

Stress causes exhaustion and the inability to experience any kind of intimacy. If you are experiencing a decrease or loss in your libido, it may be time to try stress management and other relaxation techniques. Ultimately your mate shouldn’t be affected by outer issues that aren’t part of your loving relationship. Express your fear and your concerns. Once it’s in the open, it no longer has power over you.

If the above signs sound familiar, it’s highly likely that you have become overstressed without ever realizing it. Try to deliberately devote at least an hour a week to deliberating reducing stress levels, whether through creative pursuits (e.g. journaling), hobbies, therapy or meditation.

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