9 Habits That Make You Age Faster And Look Older According To Experts

At times, body starts showing aging signs sooner than you might expect. Several environment, lifestyle and dietary factors can cause premature aging. This makes you look and feel older, faster.

Try and avoid these 10 habits:

1. Low fat diet

To prevent wrinkles on the skin, it is crucial to consume omega 3 fatty acids. That is not possible with low fat diets in which omega 3 fatty acids are avoided.

2. Drinking with straw

Logically, wrinkle on the lips leads to permanent damage to their lines.

3. Smoking

It is a known fact that smoking harms your health in many ways. But smoking can also accelerate the aging process of your skin.

The harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke chronically deprive your skin cells of oxygen, which can lead to pale, uneven coloring. It even triggers the breakdown of collagen and can cause loose, saggy skin.

In fact, the whole process of smoking can cause deep wrinkles around the mouth.

4. Sun Exposure

No matter how amazing the sun feels on your body, regular and prolonged exposure to sunrays is one of the worst things you can do for your skin.

Long-term exposure to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun weakens your skin cells and blood vessels, which causes a tanned, leathery-looking skin. It even leads to pigmentation, reduced skin elasticity and a degradation of skin texture.

5. Too much heat

In the absence of sufficient moisture, when the room is too heated, the skin wrinkles and shrinks.

6. Lack of sleep

No sleep or sleep less than 7 hours not only make you look old and tired, but can shorten your life.

Just one night of bad sleep can make you look and feel tired. It can even lead to dark circles and bags under your eyes. Now, imagine what lack of sleep for days can do to your skin appearance.

7. Stress

Have you ever noticed that you frown a lot when you’re feeling stressed? Frowning is not good for your appearance.

Over time, the muscles in the face actually conform to that movement. This leads to wrinkles on the forehead, which make you look older.

Stress even plays a key role in initiating and driving events that cause skin aging at the cellular level. Stress contributes to breakdown of the collagen, damages DNA and promotes the release of pro-inflammatory mediators (cytokines), which trigger premature aging signs.

8. Improper Skin Care

To keep your skin healthy and flawless, it is essential to follow a proper skin-care routine. Different skin types need different types of treatment, thus it is necessary to know your skin type to help learn how to take care of it.

Irrespective of your skin type, you must wash your face twice a day as well as after exercise or whenever you’ve been sweating.

Sweating irritates the skin and can cause skin problems. Gentle washing will help remove dirt, makeup and other substances without irritating your skin.

Always use the right makeup products for your skin type.

Also, never forget to remove your makeup before going to bed. The chemicals in makeup can block the skin pores and lead to aging signs. It is also important to use minimal makeup.

Avoid using conventional skin-care products, as they contain sulfates, parabens and phthalates — chemicals that alter your hormones and accelerate aging. Try switching to natural alternatives for glowing, youthful skin.

h/t: finelivingadvice.com/10-habits-make-age-faster-look-older-according-experts/


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