9 Ordinary Things You Should Never Put On Your Face

They say your face is the center of all emotional expression. It is also your identity – the most obvious part of you that people recognize. It is very special and therefore, needs special attention.

While there are many things you can use to enhance your complexion, these are 9 things that you should never ever put on your face. Read on, and remember.

1. Shampoo

Your hair and face are made of different molecules. While your hair needs strong surfactants to remove the oil and dirt, your face needs a cleanser made of much milder stuff. Shampoos cannot deal with the delicate molecules that constitute your facial skin. If you use a shampoo to wash your face, it will end up looking flaky and dry. When you wash your hair, make sure the shampoo does not touch your face. Even if it does, make sure you moisturize your face well later.

2. Hair Serum

Just like other cosmetics, serums for different areas are comprised of different components, and just because a label reads serum, it doesn’t mean your skin can handle it. Hair serums have ingredients that are meant to treat the hair shaft, and will not treat skin woes or fine lines. Also, these hair serums are heavily fragrant and can irritate your skin.

3.Hair Spray

Rumor has it that hair spray will also help in keeping your makeup in place, just like it sets your hair. But you should never spritz hairspray on your face. It contains alcohol and lacquers that will dehydrate your skin and make it look much older than it actually is. These sprays also contain repellents that could irritate your skin and cause inflammation and redness as well.
In addition, it can clog the pores and cause irritation as well as acne flare-ups.


Toothpaste can actually raise melanin production, and it can form brown spots as well as discoloration in the parts applied. Toothpaste can also irritate the skin overall because most toothpaste has mint. Drying acne using toothpaste is an old cure used a long time before. Generally, you can apply it to dry zits too, yet you can get the skin irritated. Chemical scars, burns, or other damages can follow. The best solution to apply is tea tree oil if you desire to protect your skin. It will not harm the skin in any case.


The pH of this juice is much too low in order to safely slather on the skin, and it may also throw the total pH of the face off balance. Also, it is especially harmful in one homemade salt or sugar scrub, as this scrub can make tiny lacerations on the skin which will only get irritated by this lemon juice. As we know, lemon is loaded with acids, which can erupt the skin as well as disrupt pH balance. By placing lemon on the face plus exposing it to the sun, the skin may get burnt and irritated.

6.Hot Water

Moisture is an essential step for the skin, but using hot water will lead to eliminating that moisture from it. General speaking, hot showers can eliminate the protective layers and also will soften natural oils, leading to the dry and patchy skin as well. If you have naturally breakouts or oily skin, drying it out will lead to one backlash that puts the oil production into overdrive. Remember that always use lukewarm water as well as keep scalding showers to one minimum, particularly in the winter.

7.Body Lotion

Skincare is tedious – each part of your body requires different products. For those of you who think using body lotion for your facial skin is an easy way out, you are highly mistaken. You should never slather body lotion on your face. Body lotions are thicker and heavily fragrant, and make your skin extra oily and inflamed. Your face needs a mild, gentle cream, owing to its delicate nature. Besides, body lotions work to fill in moisture and not to address facial skin problems like anti-aging, etc., quite unlike most face creams.


Mayonnaise is great for your hair, and you might find this ingredient in many DIY hair recipes. But it is not good for your face. It is acidic, and it will also lead to clogging of pores, therefore not allowing it to breathe. So, don’t ever use mayonnaise on your skin, even by mistake.

9.Hair Color

Most of you are aware that you need to be really careful while you color your hair, making sure it does not touch your facial skin. Hair color has an overload of chemicals that could be really harsh on your skin. For all of you who like to color your eyebrows to match your hair color, it is best you use vegetable dyes or tinted brow mascara instead of box dyes. The box dyes could irritate the skin around your eyes and make your eyes burn, causing you to tear up.


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