9 Symptoms Of Magnesium Deficiency

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1. Pain and Cramps in the Muscles

The low level of magnesium can cause muscle cramps  and pain in your body because it the magnesium that relaxes your muscles.

2. Passion for Chocolate

It is the most common symptom that most of the people experience. When the body needs a certain nutrient it sends us a signal to crave for that type of food. So, for this reason you should listen to your body and satisfy the need it signals. The need for chocolate points out the need for magnesium. By eating dark chocolate you provide your body with nearly 25% of the daily requirement of magnesium.

3. Anxiety

If you feel anxious or nervous  every day it could imply that you are lacking magnesium.

4. Insomnia

Other symptoms of magnesium deficiency are problems with sleeping such as staying asleep, trouble sleeping or just falling asleep.


5. Constipation

The relaxing properties of magnesium affect the digestive system too. When there is no magnesium in the needed quantity, the waste is blocked in some way and this causes constipation. Image result for magnesium deficiency

6. High Blood Pressure

Magnesium relaxes your blood vessels. So if you have high blood pressure, you should take some magnesium.

7. Headache and Migraine

You can soothe your headache  with some chocolate instead of some medicine. The magnesium in the chocolate will release the pain and tension in the muscles and the migraine will be over.

8. Irregular Heartbeat

Magnesium not only relaxes the other muscles in the body, but also the heart muscles. The low level of magnesium can cause heart beats in irregular intervals or usually called arrhythmia.

9. Acid Re-flux

A bar of chocolate or some other type of magnesium rich food can reduce your heartburn.

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