A Green Juice That Hydrates Your Brain And Removes Migraines

When a migraine strikes, it can be crippling. Intense and sharp pain not only at the temples, but radiating throughout the entire head; feelings of nausea and digestive discontent; an unbearable aversion to light, sound, and even the smallest of movements.

Instead of succumbing to the incredible pain of migraines, you can get through your day with the right relief.

When we don’t drink enough water or get healthy food, migraine repeats all over again until we change our diets and lifestyles.

There are 3 essential minerals that help migraine pain: potassium, magnesium and calcium. In this juice below, you can know more about all of them. Also, this juice needs a lot of water, in order to remove all toxins from the organism.

Juice recipe


Bunch spinach leaves
2 cups green grapes
2 green peppers
1 green apple
¼ lemon
1 inch ginger root

Juices can be effective in removing pain from migraine only if you eat properly along this too. Some foods and drinks must be avoided to reduce or stop migraines for good.

There are some foods that directly cause migraines and inflammation: fatty foods, sugar, sweeteners, flour foods, alcohol, dairy, caffeine, artificial foods and additives, nuts seeds (some of them), chocolates.

h/t: organichealthuniverse.com/2016/05/27/green-juice-hydrates-brain-removes-migraines/

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