A Moment Pure Of Joy: Mother Holds Her 12 Oz Baby Girl, Her Expression Will Make You Believe In Miracle

Miracles happens every day. But you’d never know it if you turned on the evening news. Every story calling attention all the major networks always turns around some negative issue or horrifying circumstance. For example, a threat of nuclear war, or a volatile stock markets to the most recent political scandal, news today only report “bad” stories that cause a lot of shock value.

However, this bittersweet story will raise your spirits and restore your faith. Angela and Michael Bakker first found out they were pregnant with a little girl and started crying tears of joy. They felt very excited that their dream of raising family together is finally coming true.

Then Angela went into labor 15 weeks early. The little girl was only twenty-five weeks along and had a very low percent chance of surviving.

Angela knew she should have much hope when it came to her baby Naomi Joy’s survival. But as a mother the sudden birth left her and heartbroken.

Furthermore, the staff at the Renown Regional Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit didn’t want to give up on Naomi Joy. They worked continuously for 24 hours at a time to keep the baby, who was still alive, in a safe environment. And in spite of all the doctors’ warnings, Angela and Michael finally had the chance to hold their beloved newborn. She had been kept for two weeks under constant supervision.

But against all odds, she pulled through and was ready to feel the touch of her mother.

As being born so early, Naomi Joy needed very specific medical attention. Unlike other newborns who get to experience skin-to-skin contact right after birth, Naomi Joy had to prove she was strong enough to feel the warm of her mother’s body. And she indeed proved she is a fighter.

A video below captures a magical moment of pure joy when eight NICU nurses help Naomi Joy onto her mother’s beating heart. When Angela holds her12 oz baby and feels her warmth, her expression is heartmelting.

For the next 128 days, Naomi Joy is still at the hospital. And her parents assured to visit every one of those days and hold her as much as they could.

Now Naomi Joy is a happy girl living with her parents. She survived though she was born fifteen weeks early. She went from weighing just 12 ounces to being a beaming child like any other.

The Bakkers posted the below video to YouTube, which has been viewed more than five million times.

What do you think about this miracle?

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