According To The FDA, Frosted Flakes Are “Healthier” Than Avocados

The FDA has admitted that their rudimentary definition of the word “healthy” is outdated.

The FDA’s  motives  have long been questioned by American citizens. Many speculate that the organization has been bribed by Big Food companies who want a hold on what the FDA deems as healthy so that adults and children can be misguided about what to eat.
Based on a rudimentary system of saying that any food that’s low in fat, sodium, and cholesterol, as well as full of some “beneficial nutrients,” many processed foods are healthier than wholesome produce in the eyes of the FDA.
In a widely-circulated example of the absurdity of this logic, the FDA essentially says that Frosted Flakes, which are loaded with sugar and have minimal nutrients, are healthier than avocados.
FDA has also  demanded that Kind stop calling their bars healthy, even though the bars are full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, and instead the FDA received backlash from angry citizens who actually know what “healthy” means.
In the heat of the backlash, the FDA admitted that their definition of what is good to consume was outdated and agreed to redefine the term. Though this is promising, it’s likely that their new definition will be equally as vague as the last in order to keep Big Food’s products within the healthy range.
When it comes to health, the FDA doesn’t have Americans’ best interests in mind, meaning that consumers must do their own research if they hope to eat and drink products that might actually benefit them.

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