Add Just A Splash Of Color To Your Home Exterior This Summer

Now that winter is in the rearview mirror and spring is upon us, flowering trees and bushes are everywhere in the landscape. So are flower beds teaming with flowering bulbs and perennial plants poking out of the ground waiting for their turn to flower as the spring and summer continue?

Gardening is not a hobby everyone enjoys doing, but most of us enjoy the results. Flowers add color to just about every canvas, even household facades.

So, how to get a little color on the house if one isn’t into gardening? Plant a few containers.

Container gardening is very easy using annual plants (impatiens, marigolds, begonias and more). It’s as simple as putting potting soil in a big flower pot, pushing in the plants and adding water. Over the years, this is what happens at this house. Here are some of my favorite tricks to help keep the plants going.


For indoor plants, a full drainage system needs to be put in the bottom of a pot. For outdoor annuals, just take an old rag, cut it into pieces and use them to cover the holes. This will keep the soil from “leaving the building” through it.


This really only applies in temperatures over ninety, but do not let the soil dry out. Keep it plenty moist, and yes, water from God does count.


To keep plants flowering, remove the dead blooms. This is especially needed for petunias which will grow from the place where the blossom once was.

It is worth considering having containers that will hide hacks to keep squirrels out of the plants. Putting biodegradable forks in the soil tines up is helpful. So is cayenne pepper sprinkled on the soil. Neither will hurt the plants.

So, adding a little color to the front of your house is not difficult. All you need is a pot and some flowers.

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