After you Read This, you will Never Throw These Bags Again
Many people think that these little bags are poisonous, but they are not! They have many helpful uses:

Put them in a backpack for training

These bags can help to eliminate moisture and bacteria from your bags, but are also very useful in eliminating the odor.

Put them in a towel

This will prevent the spread of moisture per towels and prevent odor. Just put a couple of these bags in your closet with the towels.

Your razor to lasts longer

Stop leaving your razors in the bathroom, where it’s always damp. Just put them in a plastic container and add a few of these silica gel sachets in it. This will make your razors last longer.

Save your cell phone

You may have used methods with a glass jar filled with rice, into which you put your phone that fell into water. Now you can use the same method, but instead of rice, you can fill up a jar of silicone bags. It will be 10 times more effective.

Prevent foggy windows on the car

Instead of waiting for the ventilation to do its job, just put a couple of these bags under the windshield from the inside. The next morning you will notice that the windows on your car are no longer blurred. This is the fastest and most effective way to prevent fogging of windows on your car.

Keep your old photos

We all know that our old photos eventually fail. This is really sad, because these are our memories of the past and we are quite attached to them. Just put a couple of packets in box with old photographs if you want to save them from moisture, which can really destroy them.

Keep your makeup

All you need to do is to put one or two bags of silica in your makeup kit in order to preserve all the powder make-up of clotting.

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