Ancient German Remedy That Will Unclog Your Arteries, Decrease The Cholesterol And Improve Your Immune System

Today, we will reveal the recipe of a traditional German remedy which has been used to treat numerous various diseases.

It is effective for treating infections, fatigue, influenza, common cold, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis. It is also extremely beneficial in the case of vascular congestion and kidney stones.

Thia fantastic natural remedy will successfully cleanse your body of toxins and will boost your immune system, apart from its other numerous health benefits.
Namely, it will lower your cholesterol levels, cleanse the clogged arteries, help in the case of poor immune system and prevent infections.

The preparation of this remedy is extremely simple and it’s also very economic!


4 organic lemons
2 tablespoons organic ginger root powder
4 organic garlic cloves
2 liters purified water


First, you need to wash and clean the lemons well and then cut them in slices, then peel the garlic and mix it with the lemons and ginger in a blender. Mix well until you get a homogenous mixture, then put it in a pan and add 2 l. of water. Cook the mixture while stirring until it boils, then remove it from the heat and leave it to cool down. Once cooled down, strain the liquid and pour it into a bottle or a glass jar.

Take a glass of the drink every day for 3 weeks 2 hours before meals. Take a one-week break afterwards and repeat the process again. You can add some honey to improve the flavor of the remedy.


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