Army veteran uses sharp-shooting skills to free bald eagle

One Army veteran’s sharp-shooting skills saved the life of an American Bald Eagle.


Jason Galvin spotted a bald eagle tangled in a rope and hanging upside down from a tree, 70 feet in the air near his Rush City, Minnesota cabin.

Galvin’s wife, Jackie, wrote in a Facebook post that all of the emergency organizations she called gave her the same answer: There was nothing they could do.

“They said it had been there for two and a half days, and that the eagle had died, and the movement we saw was only the wind blowing it,” she wrote. “I told them they were wrong.


Jackie pleaded with her husband to shoot at the rope in hopes of freeing the bird.

“He was nervous as he didn’t want to get in trouble for shooting at an eagle, but I [knew] with his sharp shooter skills that if anyone could save this eagle it was him,” she wrote.

After nearly 90 minutes and over 150 shots with a borrowed .22-caliber rifle with a scope, the rope severed, freeing the eagle.

The couple wrapped the bird, which they named ‘Freedom,’ in a towel and delivered him to the University of Minnesota Raptor Center, where it is expected to recover.

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