Attention! Never Reheat These 7 Foods

While there are foods that are safe for consumption after reheating, there are certain foods that aren’t safe for consumption and are very likely to cause you some serious health problems since they lose their nutrients once they are reheated.

In this article, we would like to warn you to never reheat these 7 foods due to damage it can cause to your body.

1. Mushrooms

By eating reheated mushrooms you put yourself at the highest health risk- you may experience digestive, and even heart problems. You should eat mushrooms right after preparation, or cold the next day.

2. Eggs

When eggs are reheated they become toxic due to exposure to high temperature. This refers only to dishes with boiled or fried eggs, but not ti foods where eggs are included in sauces like bechamel.

3. Potato

Potatoes are highly nutritional food and therefore should be eaten right after preparation. When reheated potatoes lose their nutritional value and most of their properties, and become toxic.

4. Chicken

Just as with mushrooms, when reheating meat, the composition of proteins changes. Therefore, it is not recomendable to reheat meat, especially chicken, at high temperature. If you really need to heat it, heat it on a low tempearature and for a longer period.

5. Spinach

The major reason why spinach should never be reheated, and that should be eaten immediately, is because when reheated, the nitrates transform into nitrites, which are considered as highly carcinogenic to the human body.

6. Celery

Celery is often used in preparation of soups and should be removed after cooking, together with carrots, and eaten freshly prepared. It contains nitrates. If you need to reheat the soup, remove the celery and carrots.

7. Beets

Beets can be harmful for eating after reheating since it also contain nitrates. Therefore, if you want to eat beets, you don’t need to reheat it.

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  • October 19, 2017 at 9:57 am

    Having worked in the foodservice industry for over 40 years, my BS antenna starts flashing when someone claims a food is ” toxic” if reheated. The author provides no reasons or studies to back up any of the bogus claims made in this article. This isn’t fake news. It’s throw it in the trash junk and is literally made up BS.

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