Beer And Egg Mask Will Stimulate Your Hair Growth And Prevent Hair Loss

Both men and women experience hair loss, but women are, of course, more prone to this daily issue.

The most common reasons contributing to hair loss are: medical treatments, poor circulation of the scalp, medical problems, hormonal imbalances, among others.

In this article we will present you with the perfect solution to this problem, which is a Beer and Egg Mask, amazing ingredients that when combined together create the perfect combination of the care and prevention of hair loss.
Mask of beer and egg


• Take a container with a good size where you can mix the ingredients comfortably.
• Uncover the beer and place its contents in a glass and then stir until the most amount of gas is eliminated.
• Take the container and place the egg yolks in it, and add the beer little by little.
• Stir to combine the ingredients well.
• After stirring well, the result is the mask.


1. This procedure is similar to when you are going to dye the hair roots.

2. With a brush you must apply the mask slowly, the aim of this way of applying the mask is for all the roots to be soaked in it.

3. What about to use it to wet the rest of the hair, you must use a plastic cap to cover the hair and let it act for 30 minutes, after this time you should wash the hair as usual.

The egg has outstanding properties that benefit the hair, moisturizes and nourishes at depth, while the beer, is better than you might have thought, it contains hops and barley that protect the hair cells.

This brilliant beer and egg mask is extremely beneficial for the hair, significantly increases growth hair and prevents hair loss, as well as making your hair bright and soft, thanks to its abundance of vitamins group B.

We strongly recommend you to try this mask and enjoy the positive results.