Clean Your Juicer (Without Wanting to Throw It Out a Window)


Here’s what to do.

What you need: Lukewarm water, dish soap, a brush of some kind (like a nail brush, a toothbrush or a veggie scrubber) and a spatula.

What you do: Immediately after juicing, rinse all removable parts in lukewarm water. Using your brush, scrub the juicer screen’s fine-mesh sieve under running water to remove any pulp. Use the spatula to empty your juicer’s pulp basket. Then wash any remaining dirty pieces with mild dish soap.

Why you do it: Getting to the pulp before it dries is key to preventing sticking–which would mean using hotter water, more soap and a lot more elbow grease later on.

Bonus tip: If you’re an avid juicer who makes more than one cup a day, save yourself time by cleaning up only after the last drink of the day. Just wrap removable parts with cling wrap and then store in the fridge. This will prevent pulp and bits from drying and sticking to juicer parts.

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