Cure an Enlarged Prostate, Diabetes, Cholesterol and Gastritis with This Natural Remedy

Pumpkin is an extremely beneficial ingredient, but also its inside is worth mentioning. Pumpkin seeds are especially rich in numerous nutrients and one of the most important ones is cucurbitacin. Pumpkin is extremely nutritious natural product. In a 100-gram amount, raw pumpkin provides 26 calories. It is an excellent source of pro-vitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamin A. Vitamin C is present in moderate content. Pumpkin is 92% water, 6.5% carbohydrate, 0.1% fat and 1% protein.

It helps in the prevention of the prostate growth. Try to include more pumpkin seeds into your everyday nutrition! You can, for example, eat a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds every day, i.e. without salt.

They also contain some constituents which are excellent in killing cancer cells. They are very effective against different types of cancer and have anti-inflammatory properties. Many researchers have shown that women in menopause, who consume pumpkin seeds daily, reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

The seeds of pumpkin are rich with magnesium, which plays an important role in over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body. Magnesium is involved in neuromuscular transmission and activity and muscle relaxation. They can help you boost your immune system; enhance your sleep, vision, skin and mood.

Here, we’ve decided to show you an extremely nutritious beverage that will help you treat an inflamed prostate, high cholesterol or gastritis! It’s a natural infusion made with pumpkin seeds! Take a look at the recipe!

Ingredients you will need:

1 cup of water
1 handful of fresh pumpkin seeds

Crush a handful of fresh pumpkin seeds and heat up one cup of water. When the water starts to boil add the pumpkin seeds. Leave it to rest for 15 minutes and then strain it. Drink this infusion every day and after several weeks you will see the results.


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